Full menu and pricing for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the soon-to-reopen Tusker House at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Posted: Wednesday June 2, 2021 4:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tusker House at Disney's Animal Kingdom reopens to guests on June 20 2021 along with a new menu lineup of family-style dining in place of the previous buffet offering.


Lunch and dinner is priced at $55 per adult and $42 per child (plus tax and gratuity). Breakfast is priced at $42 per adult and $27 per child (plus tax and gratuity).

Bookings will open on June 4 for the opening on June 20 2021. During the modified character experience, guests will be snap photos of Donald Duck, Mickey and Goofy, dressed in their safari best as they promenade through the restaurant.

Tusker House Breakfast menu June 2021

Pastries Basket
Safari Bread, Multigrain Croissants and Cornbread served with Whipped Butter, Nutella, and Strawberry Preserves

Fresh Fruit
Fresh Fruit with Honey Yogurt sauce

Breakfast Platter
Potatoes, Scrambled Eggs, Mickey and Simba-shaped Waffles, Bacon, Sausage, Durban Chicken-Egg Curry with Jasmine Rice

Tusker House Lunch and Dinner menu June 2021


Assorted House-made Breads
served with Hummus, Coriander and Mango Chutney

African Inspired Salads
Kachumbari and Arcadian Green Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing


Moroccan Spiced Beef
Cape Malay Green Curry Shrimp
Spit-Roasted Herb Chicken
Berber Marinated Pork


Green Beans with Carrots and Corn
Roasted Potatoes
Jasmine Rice
House-made Macaroni and Cheese


Animal Inspired Mini Desserts

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Phonedave12 days ago

I have been saying this for quite some time. WDW used to have good food. Not "amazing", not "spectacular" but good food, and at "reasonable theme park captive audience prices" That started going downhill around 2000. Since then menus have become homogenized and of lower quality while prices have skyrocketed well beyond anything reasonable even considering the "theme park markup". We used to eat at a table service restaurant every night when at WDW. Not any more. We will do a few, but often times we grab a QS or head over to Disney Springs.

HauntedPirate13 days ago

I’ll be honest - I’m not holding my breath.

MisterPenguin13 days ago

I'm on record as character meals beings too overpriced if they're not coming to your table. And I'm also perfectly capable of not paying overpriced charges for a family style replacement for a high quality buffet. I never said that the family style was worth it, I simply pointed out it was a replacement with some possible reasons why they used it as a replacement. Didn't say it was worth it. I know how to draw a line and not just accept shoddy substitutes. The family style is not a watered down version of the buffet... there is no buffet. It's a replacement with a different type of meal. Not to get off topic again, but Boo Bash is a version of a different product than the Holiday Parties. See the Boo Bash thread. I'm perfect capable of knowing the difference between one thing being watered down and a completely different thing taking its place.

Lilofan13 days ago


flynnibus13 days ago

It's complete garbage. It's basically what you get from a decent hot breakfast at a hotel. Disney is getting flat out insulting with these offers... hopefully the drone customers snap out of it and stand up to this BS.

flynnibus13 days ago

"This isn't a crappy breakfast buffet... It's a family style meal not intended to be compared with the previous menu..." (offered in the very same space, in lieu of the real thing) It's the exact same level of non-sense justification of "don't compare them, they are different!!!" - Still a pi ss poor product being substituted for the expectation guests were set for. They offer something with less value, for similar or more money, in the same spot, with no option for the old thing.

dryerlintfan13 days ago

Honestly we've never been to a signifier restaurant except the castle. And the food there is excellent. And Tusker WAS excellent before they gutted anything ethnic from the menu. But even the chicken nuggets used to be pretty good. The half chicken used to be good. The quick service things used to be good. It was this just this last trip that those things disappointed us so much.

phillip969813 days ago

Disney has to be salivating at the prospect of homogenizing the character meals across the parks and resorts while still charging a premium. They used to have some unique items at Tusker House which is why it was one of our faves.

thomas99813 days ago

No you are deluding yourself. They didn't have extra hour events at this time of the year, the extra hour events were typically early summer when they had no other holliday to tag an extra ticket event onto. This Boo Bash crap has more things going on that were part of the Halloween parties than any extra hour event ever did. If you are too clueless to understand what this is, then there is no hope to enlighten you. Enjoy your delusions.

MisterPenguin13 days ago

No, you are completely wrong. DAH and the Parties have always been distinct things. When they started DAHs, no one said, "Oh, that's just a Party Night Lite!" One is replacing the other. You can't morph one thing into another when that another thing had already existed for years.

thomas99813 days ago

Sorry but you are wrong, it not only lets the guests in early just like the halloween party. But also includes the trick or treat stations. Invites guests to wear costumes. Pretty much everything you had at the halloween party minus the fireworks parades and as many hours.. all at a much higher price. Now if you want to pretend it is just extended hours then it is even more grossly overpriced.

Tomi-Rocket13 days ago


MansionButler8413 days ago

LOL I was excited that this was reopening for 5 whole minutes. I await Boma.

trojanjustin13 days ago

I'll never understand the appeal of the family style breakfasts ('Ohana, Cape May, Tusker, etc). It's the same powdered eggs, defrosted tater dots and greasy bacon or sausage you can get at any of the resort food courts for a fraction of the price. At least the dinner options at those places venture into being somewhat interesting and thematically appropriate.