New limited time Haunted Mansion gargoyle tiki mug has materialized at Walt Disney World - wrist band required

Apr 20, 2023 in "Trader Sam's Grog Grotto"

Posted: Thursday April 20, 2023 12:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new limited time Haunted Mansion gargoyle tiki mug has materialized at Walt Disney World and is available starting today at Trader Sams Grog Grotto and Tiki Terrace.

Wristband distribution for the new mug begins at 12pm ET daily in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort and will be sold with your choice of one of two specialty beverages celebrating Halfway To Halloween, available while supplies last.

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JustInTimeDec 12, 2023

I’ve seen them. They are terrible and not even food safe. I’d suggest not.

Wendy PleakleyDec 11, 2023

Actually, it's from a third party seller from China with no reviews. In other words, only a good option if you want to throw away $30.

JohnDDec 11, 2023

Apparently, if we were extremely patient, we can get the HM gargoyle mug from WalMart for $29.99.

GlasgowDec 11, 2023

One thing is for sure - when Disney goes bankrupt, they can settle all debts with location merch.

wannabeBelleDec 11, 2023

If it is $81.00 with or without the drink, I wouldnt be interested either way. It is still too expensive for me to consider. Marie

JohnDDec 11, 2023

You reported in April that the HM mug WITH drink was $80. So with the glowing ball, apparently $81 PLUS drink. Not sure I want this one anyway. My guess is the gargoyle mug will show to have had greater appeal than this one. But maybe there are those who want them anyway. Or resellers, of course.

wannabeBelleDec 11, 2023

I saw elsewhere that this mug was $75.00 with the glowing ball in the center an additional $6.00. Not worth it for me. Marie

JohnDDec 11, 2023

Bumping as Trader Sams has a new mug. I'm at WDW later this week. Will it still be there? Don't know. For comparison, the HM mug was only available April 20-22. It seems my trips have been timed with new releases.,-disneys-polynesian-village-resort.htm

JohnDApr 23, 2023

Here's mine with an eclectic collection of decanters, steins, and mugs.

networkproApr 22, 2023

Mug is sold out. No wrist band distribution signs this morning. Cm just confirmed all are gone.

DisneyDebRobApr 21, 2023

Mug is sharp looking but 80 bucks? My opinion of course but that’s insane.

JohnDApr 21, 2023

After that harrowing adventure, I'm enjoying food and drink at HBD Lounge.

networkproApr 21, 2023

The Tiki mug quest continues

JohnDApr 21, 2023

If you think I'm that "John", I'm not. I just boarded a bus and am headed back to HS.