Coronado Springs El Mercado de Coronado food court reopens this weekend

Dec 16, 2020 in "El Mercado de Coronado"

The El Mercado de Coronado food court at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort will reopen this weekend. 

Operations begin at 7am from December 18 2020, closing at 10pm each day.

Disney's Coronado Springs reopened on October 16 following the COVID-19 shutdown and subsequent hosting of the NBA bubble.

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Article Posted: Dec 16, 2020 / 4:30pm ET
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dreday325 days ago

My alter-ego says thanks.

fgmnt26 days ago

Went to Boatwrights because I was meeting a CM worked at POR and had the discount. Probably the only condition under which I'd eat there.

UNCgolf26 days ago

I've stayed at POR a few times and never once eaten at Boatwright's. I've grabbed stuff from the food court, but if I'm going to sit down for a meal that wasn't planned in advance I'll just hop on the boat to Disney Springs and eat there.

GoofGoof26 days ago

There’s a pretty good reason why they converted a bunch of Deluxe resort rooms to DVC. If they were always full they probably wouldn’t have done it that way.

CastAStone26 days ago

The occupancy rates are basically a straight line in reverse order of cost. The values sell out 365 days a year (excluding family suites). The moderates nearly every room every night. AK and WL sell out more regularly than the monorail resorts. Source: tracking room availability on for months on end.

CastAStone26 days ago

Also POR? Never.

CastAStone26 days ago

According to their last earnings call from before the closures they want to open more hotels. See below. And their occupancy in 2019 was in the low to mid 90s according to a call I watched with one of their executives, can’t remember if it was McCarthy or Chapek. Hotels are generally considered successful in the industry if they can clear 60% occupancy, perhaps in some larger cities that stretches to 70%.

GoofGoof26 days ago

Based on full year 2019 pre-pandemic levels the domestic resorts had a 90% occupancy number per the annual report. That is skewed slightly higher due to DVC rooms which tend to be almost always used when in service and also due to large blocks of rooms taken out of service for maintenance during the year. I imagine it varies seasonally as well as within resort class as well. I don’t think Disney discloses resort specific stats publicly so it’s hard to say how well POR is doing. There are insiders who may have access to that information or who may know someone who works there that would know, but it won’t be published officially anywhere. I think Disney will wait until demand picks up to open more resorts. The deluxe resorts all have DVC attached to them so it’s “cheaper” to open them since you split the cost with owners for shared services and DVC resorts are all open at WDW. CBR has the new skyliner station and CSR has the new tower rooms so I think that’s why POR is the odd man out. It’s also less centrally located so costs more to run buses and/or boats for transport especially when buses are still not filled to capacity due to Covid.

Jrb197926 days ago

It would get rid of one the of worst restaurants on property in Boatwrights. Now if they can do the same for San Angelo Inn, Tony's town Square and Hollywood and Vine.

Animaniac93-9826 days ago

But it would get rid of "problematic" Dixie Landings, once and for all. ;)

UNCgolf26 days ago

Port Orleans Riverside is one of the best resorts at Disney -- it's way better than any of the other moderates and I'd rather stay there than some of the deluxes. Closing it would be a nightmare.

ParkerLoLs26 days ago

I know, I was just triggered. It happens often these days!

dreday326 days ago

Oh I don't know! I'm just asking!

GimpYancIent26 days ago

My only question with the various resort openings are the dining options. Resorts are opening yet the dining facilities at each resort are not or are very limited. Maybe a little creativity in how the various dining options operate may be in order but they need to get operational again.