Coronado Springs El Mercado de Coronado food court reopens this weekend

Dec 16, 2020 in "El Mercado de Coronado"

Posted: Wednesday December 16, 2020 4:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The El Mercado de Coronado food court at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort will reopen this weekend. 

Operations begin at 7am from December 18 2020, closing at 10pm each day.

Disney's Coronado Springs reopened on October 16 following the COVID-19 shutdown and subsequent hosting of the NBA bubble.

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TikibirdLand3 days ago

We stayed at ASM on our last visit. Actually really enjoyed the room. We had a suite with a door to keep the kids out :rolleyes:. It's a bit of a hike back to the dining area. But, definitely not as bad as Jazz is! Having 2 pools to pick from was nice too (one was definitely louder than the other!). We had our own car. So, that wasn't a problem. And McD's was on the way to the parks! I'll have to watch for room reviews.

DisneyDreamerxyz3 days ago

Happy re-opening day to Disney's All Star Music resort! The resort opens today September 16th for guests. Two buildings (Calypso 1 and Jazz 2) are closed for refurbishment, but everything else is open and ready for guests!

CaptainAmerica9 days ago

That "Let the Fun Be-Gin" is kind of cringe.

dreday39 days ago

(photo from Facebook! CSR-Gran Destino) Time for the wine!!! :D

DCBaker9 days ago

Here's his announcement (around the 3:15 mark) -

DCBaker9 days ago

Great news! "Yehaa Bob Jackson has announced that he will be performing again when Port Orleans resort reopens on October 14, 2021. According to Jackson, he will return on opening day and perform his regular hours. Jackson did say he had a previously agreed-upon engagement and will not be performing on October 16th, but will play on the 15th."

dreday319 days ago

Just an FYI - Barcelona Lounge at Gran Destino has finally restocked the bar!!! It's been a coffee/light breakfast only place since reopening after Covid. I think this means that it will finally be open a bar again soon! (or they put the bottles out as never know...) This is important because I'll be there in October. πŸ˜‚

CaptainAmerica20 days ago

I thought people above the phase-out threshold didn't get the payment at all. I was close, so I just opted out entirely.

π™²πšŠπšœπšπ™°πš‚πšπš˜πš—πšŽ20 days ago

At my income it’s just a prepayment, no extra money at all. At many incomes there is extra money.

CaptainAmerica20 days ago

Yes, I was attempting to simplify but I guess I made it more complicated. Old way: $2,000, all at filing New way: $1,500/$1,800 now, $1,500/$1,800 at filling My main point was that the " filing" part hasn't gone away. A lot of people just assume it's the same $2,000 that they're simply getting early.

jinx840220 days ago

Correct. And it doesn't need to be paid back unless your AGI for 2021 is above the threshold.

peter1143520 days ago

I’m pretty super thats incorrect. My understanding is that the previous $2000 child tax credit was replaced by the the new $3000/$3600 credit. And half of that credit is being paid in advance monthly for the last six months of 2021

CaptainAmerica20 days ago

That's not my point. I'm not saying they expected to get 100% of their CMs back, I'm saying they expected to get something like 80% of their CMs back (they did) while being able to hire the remaining 20% (they haven't). That is not correct. The old child tax credit of $2,000 per kid is still intact. The monthly payments that people are getting is new money on top of that. They're not advance payments of the $2,000. ETA: This is imprecise in an effort to simplify things. See below for the actual mechanics.

Sirwalterraleigh20 days ago

Yes…what I mean is that those checks increase the tax burden if you take them on 4/15