Diamond Horseshoe opening soon for table service lunch and dinner

Feb 26, 2016 in "The Diamond Horseshoe"

Posted: Friday February 26, 2016 2:51pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Diamond Horseshoe will be opening daily from March 13 2016 for table service lunch and dinner.

The new fixed price offering will cost $33 plus tax for adults, and $19 plus tax for ages 3-9.

Lunch or dinner will begin with a Frontier Salad topped with roasted corn, corn bread croutons and housemade chipotle-ranch dressing.

For entrees, each diner will have a choice of one of:

  • Barbeque pulled turkey, served over corn bread with seasonal vegetables
  • Spit-roasted ham, served with country beans and seasonal vegetables
  • Stewed beef, served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Finally, for dessert, there is a choice of a campfire brownie or apple tart.

Lunch will begin daily at 11:30am with dinner running through to 9pm or later. Reservations will soon be available via 407-WDW-DINE.

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BocabearMay 12, 2016

This is such a no-brainer to bring back entertainment running all day...a sort of HoopDeDoo light version...written for the location, up the food quality, drop the light levels a bit, and mit would easily be a wonderful destination restaurant.. rather than whatever kind of mess it has been the pasat few years... Grab and Go, now table service with the hot line right in the dining room? that is just terrible...especially at those prices.

SamohtMay 12, 2016

I was considering changing our Liberty Tree advance to Diamond Horseshoe when we go in July but it wouldn't let me so, I figured I'd try again later on. After reading this I guess I'm glad... This place was so cool when there were magic shows going on while you ate a turkey sandwich up in the balcony. Nostalgia almost got the better of me! Thx for bumping this thread —

ford91exploderMay 12, 2016

You are correct - I still dare you to ask for it....

The Hatbox GhostMay 12, 2016

You will love Liberty Tree Tavern great atmosphere and food. I agree so much wasted potential with Diamond. You can sense there is history there and that with the stage and the upper balcony area, that it's meant to be more than it is right now. As others already noted a live show is a no-brainer.

alissafalcoMay 12, 2016

It has such potential.. Oh well

alissafalcoMay 12, 2016

I'm sorry it wasn't any good, I was tempted to eat there because of the beautiful decor, but it just got way too many bad reviews. We kept our liberty tree reservation.

The Hatbox GhostMay 12, 2016

Made my reservations for the Diamond Horseshoe a month ago and just ate there today- what a disappointment :( The place was virtually empty at peak time, which should have been my first clue. The food was ok I guess, but just not worth $84 for two after tip- for lunch! I'd gladly pay that at Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner but geeze o_O Oh well now I know.

Thumper 32Mar 28, 2016

Jack Diamond is still on the streets of Hollywood doing close up magic and being a talent agent to the stars.

xdan0920Mar 28, 2016

No such thing. Cornbread is a delicious super food. It's a vegetable, a dessert, and an appetizer.

Jon81ukMar 28, 2016

Reviews have been pretty bad. http://blog.touringplans.com/2016/03/22/not-fancy-dining-review-diamond-horseshoe/ Liberty Tree is same price but slightly better food seems to be the main review.

olie64Mar 28, 2016

Has anyone are here? If so was it any good? Also have they expanded the time it will be open into June yet?

TimekeeperMar 23, 2016

On that note, does anyone know what Terry Ward is up to nowadays? Is he still performing at WDW? I know he was working in LMA and strolling on Hollywood at the Studios, but come to think of it - I haven't seen him in quite some time. I'd love to see him back on stage at the Horseshoe.

alissafalcoMar 23, 2016

not sure, I would just call.

Animaniac93-98Mar 23, 2016

Saw this available for September, but had trouble booking it. After putting in all the relevant personal info, it said it couldn't book me. May have been a technical issue as I had no trouble with my other reservations. Also said dining plan was not accepted, is that true? EDIT: official restaurant page says dining plan accepted