Construction gets underway at The Cake Bake Shop on Disney's BoardWalk at Walt Disney World

Dec 20, 2022 in "The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers"

The Cake Bake Shop construction - December 15 2022
Posted: Tuesday December 20, 2022 9:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction started at The Cake Bake Shop over the last week, with plans to open the new eatery in 2023 on Disney's BoardWalk.

Crews are working on the building and refitting both the exterior and interior for The Cake Bake Shop.

Disney says, "The Cake Bake Shop will bring exquisite dining, delicious Afternoon Tea, delectable desserts, marvelous champagne and fanciful cocktails for an extraordinary and whimsical experience. "

The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers, will be replacing the ESPN Club which closed as Walt Disney World shutdown during the pandemic.

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SplashJacket3 days ago

I do appreciate that they’re only doing construction on the Cake Bake shop on week days during business hours from 3:00-3:30 pm when only cirrus clouds are present, Bob is east of the Mississippi, and the a new moon is imminent on non-operating park days. Otherwise hotel guests might be disrupted!

HauntedPirate5 days ago

Cake Bake Shop construction to the mothership:

Brian5 days ago

It'll reopen in 2037 with three indoor food trucks, all from Nicaragua. Cake Bake Shop will open about 28 months later. The Showplace of the Shore is back, baby!

mastromjm5 days ago

There is absolutely no word on this - Disney was not anticipating this closure at all. I play piano at Jellyrolls next door and though it wasn’t great, it was a decent place to get a bite before a shift

Dr.GrantSeeker5 days ago

I’m more interested in what’s going to happen with Big River.

Bocabear5 days ago

If only they were re-thinking it and quietly prepping a more appropriate location at the Grand Floridian....or Flamingo Crossing

Rteetz5 days ago

I hope so

Zummi Gummi5 days ago

I legitimately had forgotten the Cake Bake Shop (sort of) existed until this thread got bumped today.

bpiper6 days ago

Correct, it looks like it's waterproofing and that they are replacing the exterior siding on that section of the hotel.

ToTBellHop6 days ago

They had a few good men working on this project but now they are 100% focused on corn dogs.

mattpeto6 days ago

It’s a line from a Few Good Men. They might have no memory of it at this point.

Tha Realest6 days ago

RetroWDW’s next event will have food items inspired by the Cake Bake Shop

ToTBellHop6 days ago

I forget what I’m doing all the time.

lazyboy97o6 days ago

How would Cake Bake Shop forget about Cake Bake Shop?