Concept art unveiled for 'The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers' replacing the ESPN Club on Disney's BoardWalk

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Posted: Tuesday November 15, 2022 5:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has released a first-look piece of concept art for 'The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers' coming soon to Disney's BoardWalk.

The new table service restaurant and bakery opening in 2023, The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers, will be replacing the ESPN Club which closed as Walt Disney World shutdown during the pandemic.

Disney says, The Cake Bake Shop will bring exquisite dining, delicious Afternoon Tea, delectable desserts, marvelous champagne and fanciful cocktails for an extraordinary and whimsical experience. 

Crews have already stripped the exterior of the former ESPN Club in preparation for the new Cake Bake Shop.

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DCBaker2 days ago

Walls have gone up around The Cake Bake Shop and construction has begun -

Captain Culpepper Cline15 days ago

So was Cat Cora.

Bocabear17 days ago

a fancy kind of Victorian cake shop would feel like the right placement for the Grand Floridian...especially for a lovely girly afternoon tea...I don't ever think "High Tea" and "Jersey Shore Boardwalk" is not a match... I guess we should be glad they didn't drop this into the Polynesian...since it seems lately like the name of the game is putting things in places they don't necessarily belong... I am waiting for the Taco Bowl restaurant to open at the

Disone17 days ago

Yes, but if they put it there then there'd be this whole population of people who would say how dare they put a cake shop in a victorian-themed beach resort. You might not agree with that but someone on here would say it.

jkh3661917 days ago

I'm with you. Looks very GF to me.

UNCgolf18 days ago

Beaches & Cream was never much of a diner in terms of the menu, but it certainly had more of a diner interior. It had some charm that the new location lacks entirely.

Epcot82Guy18 days ago

I've been to some higher end diner-style places in various cities. That could be a really wonderful addition. Especially now that Beaches and Cream basically ditched their version of it.

UNCgolf18 days ago

A diner at the Boardwalk would be fantastic. Serve breakfast all day along with other diner options.

MagicHappens197118 days ago

I can’t speak to that but it is frustrating that if you want a late night bite you really cant do that at any resort

Aries197518 days ago

There are no late night restaurants around Crescent Lake for after Epcot closes or if your flight arrives late. One trip, our flight was diverted due to a medical emergency. We were staying at Grand Flo, so having Gasperilla open to feed my tired, hungry kids and in-laws at 11pm was a godsend.

MisterPenguin18 days ago

In the old days, didn't every deluxe have an all-night diner, like Pikabu at the Dolphin?

Bocabear18 days ago

I have suggested that many times.... lol I actually think a Diner type restaurant is what is needed... and would be much appreciated. and something that was open midnight minimum... and design the thing to look appropriate for 1940s Jersey shore... It would be adorable and extremely popular. Especially with pork roll egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast

Rteetz18 days ago

I’m open to that. Disney needs some late night dining.

Smiley/OCD18 days ago

You are absolutely right…they should put a REAL NJ diner there…all stainless steel, shaped like a train car, open til midnight every night…breakfast available all day, Taylor Han/pork roll sandwiches…& disco fries…lines out the door…