Construction update from the Cake Bake Shop at Disney's BoardWalk Resort

May 05, 2023 in "The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers"

The Cake Bake Shop construction - May 3 2023
Posted: Friday May 5, 2023 11:14am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a latest look at the construction progress on The Cake Bake Shop on Disney's BoardWalk, set to open later in 2023.

Having removed steel beams from the former ESPN Club building, crews are now working on installing the new roof structure, which look very similar in shape to the previous roof.

Disney says, "The Cake Bake Shop will bring exquisite dining, delicious Afternoon Tea, delectable desserts, marvelous champagne and fanciful cocktails for an extraordinary and whimsical experience. "

The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers, will be replacing the ESPN Club which closed as Walt Disney World shutdown during the pandemic.

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LSLS2 days ago

I still think that it really suffers from a lack of options to get there and back. There have been times I've been on a solo trip around the area, and thought about going there, but there's just no way to get there and back without using Uber (which I hate using). Give me a bus service, or even some parking if I drove down. Taking a bus/driving to Springs, getting off, waiting for another bus just takes too long for me. 45 minutes of travel each way to get to that place for a couple of drinks isn't worth it, especially now that there is nowhere to like watch a game as well.

ToTBellHop5 days ago

She did, however, sing at the opening of the first Cake Bake Shop in 1957, so there’s that.

TrainsOfDisney5 days ago

That place isn’t good enough for succulents, I’ve never seen one photo of Julie Andrews in or around that place!

MisterPenguin5 days ago

Is "succulents" NJ code for adolescents hanging around and smoking?

ToTBellHop5 days ago

They should add succulents around the outside to give a more authentic Jersey shore feel that will get folks through its doors.

mastromjm6 days ago

No, Atlantic is still only Thursday-Sunday, 8pm-1am. No cover charge, though the atmosphere is usually extremely quiet/awkward. Shame because it is such a beautiful space.

Bullseye19676 days ago

Is ADH still open 7 days a week?

mastromjm7 days ago

Updates from earlier this week: Assuming our favorite rolling planters are here to obscure the work being done to convert this into the corn dog location. And four people working at once on Cake Bake!! Repaving has made it all the way down to Jellyrolls & Atlantic Dance.

Bocabear9 days ago

they are putting dormers on the lower roof they are still a long way off...and the way they have been progressing it will be late 2024 before they finish... but of course, you never know if they all of the sudden decide to start building with a full crew and a deadline...

Prince-110 days ago

Great!! I already have my reservations.

Ayla10 days ago

It is unbelievable this building is still open and empty.

Fido Chuckwagon10 days ago

Has there been any noticeable progress? I still see no walls. I don’t get it, is this company paying rent to Disney while doing nothing with the property for years?

Fido Chuckwagon10 days ago

Me too! Late 2029 when it opens should be exciting.

DCBaker10 days ago

The Cake Bake Shop construction photo update from today.