PHOTOS - Grand opening day photo tour of The BOATHOUSE at Disney Springs

Apr 13, 2015 in "The BOATHOUSE"

Posted: Monday April 13, 2015 3:15pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Earlier today, Disney leaders and key figures from the Schussler creative team welcomed guests to the newest restaurant at Disney Springs - The BOATHOUSE.

The grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony was hosted by the creator of The BOATHOUSE - Steven Schussler, Downtown Disney VP Keith Bradford, and key members of the Gibson Restaurant group who operate the restaurant.

We've got a full photo gallery tour of the new restaurant, and look out for our full view of the restaurant later today.

Click the gallery to get started.

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Disneyhead'71Aug 25, 2015

Then, I feel sure, that you will return many times.

DisneyDaverAug 25, 2015

I'm not quite sure how one can comment on the "reasonableness" of these prices without actually eating the food. The prices are consistent with high end steakhouses. If the food is at the high level of a Gibson's, then the prices are reasonable. If the food is "just good" or worse, then the prices are not reasonable. I'm happy to see this open in WDW and look forward to trying it. Whether I will be back a second time, will depend on the quality of the food.

reptar77May 01, 2015

Does anyone know if they accept Tables in Wonderland?

Figgy1Apr 28, 2015

I'm with you!!!!!!!!!!! But make mine a veggie burger!

LuvtheGoofApr 27, 2015

I have to agree, though we always have it on the side, just to try it.

Hockey89Apr 27, 2015

TomHendricksApr 27, 2015

I liked ketchup on my steak too, then I became an adult. Just kidding, if you enjoy your steak with ketchup that's your business. Isn't "steak sauce" really only glorified ketchup with Worcester sauce in it, really.

disneyfirstLJApr 27, 2015

We ate at The Boathouse on Sunday, April 19. We walked in and had a seat in the bar area. The atmosphere is really nice and comfortable. I had no problem sitting in the bar area with my 11 year old daughter. It started to storm outside so we were grateful for a nice, dry place to eat our early dinner. We ordered off the bar menu but they gave us the regular menu as well. My daughter had the Joyce Farms Chicken Strips with hand cut French fries and a lemonade. I ordered 2 Wild Caught Baja Cocktail Shrimp from the raw bar (they brought me 3 instead of 2 for a magical moment), the Classic Burger with hand cut French fries and a lemonade. Everything was excellent. My daughter loved her chicken and ate it all which is a big deal for her. The shrimp were huge and I loved them! My burger was cooked to perfection, juicy and wonderful. We enjoyed our dinner here and our server did a great job as well. I would eat there again. The bill came to around $54.00 dollars which is high but the food and atmosphere were worth the price in my opinion. I just got back from our trip yesterday and haven't download my photos but I did take pictures of the food and will post them when I can. I hope this helps folks who are on the fence about dining here.

epcotisbestApr 26, 2015

Although lately I have been really enjoying this stuff:

epcotisbestApr 26, 2015

Needing steak sauce has nothing to do with it. If I like ketchup on my steak, it is my steak, my ketchup, my cash I paid for said steak, end of story.

Disneyhead'71Apr 25, 2015

A chef prepared steak sauce is quite a treat even for the best pieces of beef. At Bull and Bear they make it table side with a super hot stone in the bottom of the ramikin. Yummy. Also a nice bernaise sauce with a little lump crab meat and asparagus is also acceptable to me. I have even had a few top notch ketchups, but I usually save that for the fries if I choose that as a side (which I usually don't, but have before).

JohnDApr 25, 2015

The mark of a good steak is one that doesn't need any steak sauce. Why spend all that money on a steak then mask the flavor with the sauce? Might as well get a hamburger with ketchup.

aladdin2007Apr 24, 2015

menu changes daily though apparently

BuzzKillingtonApr 24, 2015

Those lunch prices are very affordable.