Belle Vue Lounge at Disney's BoardWalk no longer serves breakfast

Dec 28, 2022 in "Belle Vue Lounge"

Posted: Wednesday December 28, 2022 8:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With the new 'Carousel Coffee' opening at Disney's BoardWalk Inn, the Belle Vue Lounge is no longer open for breakfast.

Coffee and pastries are available just off the main lobby in 'Carousel Coffee,' leaving Belle Vue Lounge to open daily at 4pm through midnight.

Other breakfast options include BoardWalk Deli and Trattoria al Forno.

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FigmentForever967 days ago

Ohhhh I really like it

MinnieM1237 days ago

It does appear as though there's (dead) space in one area only of the room, waiting for more furniture. Wondering if the furniture (desk, or whatever) hasn't arrived yet. Anyway, I really like the large guestroom space.

Dr.GrantSeeker7 days ago

Just checked into the Boardwalk for a quick weekend getaway. We are staying in a newly refurbished room. I will say I am pleasantly surprised with how they turned out. We have an oversized garden view room and it appears either they haven't put the desks in the room or maybe they wont be including desks in the renovated rooms. There is some awkward dead space since it is larger than a regular room. But here are some pics! Oh yeah the bathroom is exactly the same as it was prior, which is odd? Looks like all they added was the glass shower door.

UNCgolf18 days ago

I think the long desks look better at most hotels (much better, really), but I understand the easier movement aspect and it's not a huge deal. If it makes things easier for employees (and guests, in some cases) it's an okay tradeoff because the desks are a minor part of the design.

Ayla19 days ago

I can, thanks. 😂

castlecake2.019 days ago

Nope she doesn’t need help she can figure it out on her own

ToTBellHop19 days ago

“Can you show me how to do X on the MDE app?”

castlecake2.019 days ago

You might not, but other guests sometime do 🤷‍♂️

Ayla19 days ago

I don't need a CM to stand next to me to help me.

castlecake2.019 days ago

From someone who actually works in these locations, it makes things easier for the cast (front desk anyway, never had a role where I could sit)

castlecake2.019 days ago

Speaking from experience, breaking up the check in desks into smaller “pods” makes it easier for cast to get out from behind the desk and help guests without having to go all the way around/ through backstage doors to get out to the lobby.

MagicHappens197119 days ago

So that the CMs can come from around the counter and assist you better.

TDLFan19 days ago

It's a modern trend in hotels where a while back, someone who's never worked in a hotel, felt the desk wall separated the guest from the agent and thus by not having walls makes the service more personable with the agent able to address the guests needs out in front, blah blah blah. It's all corporate bs nonsense, just like how they took the chairs and desks away from the cm's at Yacht Clubs club level. Corporate thinks this is a good look having the cm's standing at the ready, but the general consensus is that it looks awful and like they don't care about the cm's. I actually couldn't believe they made the club level cms stand there all day and neither could the cm's.

SpectroMagician19 days ago

What is Disney's apparently hate for a row of check in desks? It's a hotel, there should be check in desks. This "renovation" was just a total waste of money. Check in desks are not a problem that need to be fixed.