PHOTOS - 'Taste Track' brings gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to Epcot

Apr 02, 2015 in "Taste Track"

Posted: Thursday April 2, 2015 12:07pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new quick service kiosk has opened in Epcot's Future World offering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

As you can probably gather from its name, 'Taste Track' is located just outside of Test Track, next to the Cool Wash play area in a space that was previously Cool Wash Pizza.

Menu items include some exotic takes on the traditional grilled cheese sandwich, using ingredients such as gruyere, sour dough bread, fontina, apple butter and cinnamon raisin bread. The sandwiches are served with a choice of soup or salad, and all sell for just under $10.

Also available is a Roasted Chicken Salad, a Tomato Bisque and range of bottled beers.

There is no dedicated seating, but there are some standing tables nearby, and benches throughout Future World.

Taste Track is open daily from 11am to 6pm. Check out the full menu below.

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CaptainAmericaJun 17, 2015 Not sure why this is just being announced today...

CaptainAmericaApr 24, 2015

I was there last week and it was amazing. The apple and cheddar on raisin bread was borderline desert. I didn't see any signage that actually called it "Taste Track" though. They close pretty early so if you're going, go for lunch.

Wrangler-RickApr 24, 2015

I'm not seeing Taste Track listed under Dinning on the Disney website anymore. We were looking forward to trying it out. Does anyone know if it is still there, or did it go away??

OtterheadApr 03, 2015

GrumpyFanApr 03, 2015

Sounds yummy, but I concur about the lack of seating in the area. Any pics of the food?

StrangelingApr 03, 2015

I just had the Canadian Cheddar with apples on the Raisin Bread. It was amazing, definitely my favourite quick service option now over in Future World. The soup is small, but definitely great for dunking. Looks like they make the sandwiches to order, right in front of you - very fresh. They have several of the cast iron "stand up" tables (a la Food & Wine Festival) scattered around the venue, and there are loads of benches around too.

OtterheadApr 03, 2015

From the photos on the Disney Food Blog, it looks like you get a sandwich & a nice little salad, plus a small cup of soup made for dunking. Wouldn't be any problem to deal with, but I definitely wouldn't make this my first choice in mid-summer. But there's tons of places to sit all around that area.

BuddyThomasApr 03, 2015

They have a few similar places here in NYC. I love the concept but unless I'm missing something, it doesn't sound like they really have a sufficient dining area, and who wants to wander around trying to balance a grilled cheese and a hot soup on a humid 90 degree day?

ToTBellHopApr 03, 2015

Yum! Wish it was at the Studios, though. I can always find something to eat at Epcot. DHS is more of a challenge.

CaptainAmericaApr 02, 2015

Honey wheat bread is "kinda nuts"? And we wonder why there's an obesity problem with children. It's a world where a greasy grilled cheese sandwich is criticized for being too healthy because it doesn't come on sufficiently processed bread.

HRHPrincessArielApr 02, 2015

How so? My kid would eat it. How in the world is that crazy healthy? It's more than likely regular old wheat bread with a fancy name.

iYazmoApr 02, 2015

It's a shame this doesn't look like it's not on the DDP. This looks great. :/

SlowjackApr 02, 2015

To be fair, I didn't realize it came with the soup, so it's not as bad as I had first thought!

Chicagoshannon2Apr 02, 2015

It does look fun, just doesn't taste good. ;)