FIRST LOOK at menus for the upcoming Steakhouse 71 at Disney's Contemporary Resort

Sep 13, 2021 in "Steakhouse 71"

Posted: Monday September 13, 2021 5:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Reservations will open September 16 for the brand new Steakhouse 71 at Disney's Contemporary Resort and today we have a first look at the menu line-up.

Opening October 1 2021, Steakhouse 71 will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in what Disney describes as a restaurant with "sleek yet comfortable décor with fun design elements from the ‘70s and hints of our Florida heritage with subtle sightings of the beloved Orange Bird and citrus groves."

The breakfast menu offers everything from Fresh-baked Pastries and Avocado Toast to Walt’s Prime Rib Hash and Eggs Benedict.

The lunch menu includes the Wedge Salad and Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger.

And for Dinner, a comprehensive range of steaks including Dry-aged and Prime Rib.

Desserts include the Steakhouse 71 Chocolate Cake - 15 layers of whiskey-infused chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and raspberries – one layer for every floor at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Finally, the the retro Steakhouse 71 Lounge offers comfortable seating at the large rectangular bar and serves small bites.

The Citrus Grove Cocktail (Italian bitter, green herbal liqueur, citrus juices, simple syrup, and orange bitters) evokes the scents of fresh oranges and citrus groves. And the Steakhouse 71 Vodka Gimlet (vodka, green herbal liqueur, herbal blend, lime juice, simple syrup, and Minute Maid Premium Lemonade) is a fresh and herbaceous cocktail inspired by the Florida wetlands. The “Lily” pad garnish is in honor of Lillian Disney.

The Tequila Sunrise served at the lounge is a modern twist with tequila, tropical juices, rosemary simple syrup, and house-made grenadine. A “sharable” Tequila Sunrise is available for lunch and dinner, serving 2-4 guests.

In addition to cocktails, Steakhouse 71 offers a selection of “Disney Family of Wines,” a diverse collection of wines with a personal connection to the Disney name.

Steakhouse 71 replaces The Wave on the ground floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort.

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HcalvertNov 26, 2021

I booked lunch at Steakhouse 71 for my upcoming trip in December. I thought lunch would be good to try first and if we like it, we will go back for a dinner during our June 2022 trip.

DfromATXNov 24, 2021

Well tomorrow is my 60-day, wish me luck!!

FiestaFunKidNov 23, 2021

Steak is better than those chains - smaller portions but better quality. They also have other good items on the menu including their burger, the chicken entree, and the former Wave standout - Bacon and Eggs (an appetizer, not a breakfast item). Ambiance is not Ohana but food quality and value is on par or better.

DfromATXNov 22, 2021

Glad you enjoyed it! Those desserts look really delicious! How was the steak? I'm planning to book here if we can't get 'Ohana. I thought the menu sounded really good, but in all honesty, I didn't think the prices were very high (for Disney) and like someone else said previously, I was worried it would be more like an Outback or something. (Sorry to repeat myself... I didn't see your post until now and I've already posted on here basically saying the same thing lol.)

DfromATXNov 22, 2021

My '60-days' is Wednesday and it's going to be my backup choice if we can't get 'Ohana on our Magic Kingdom day. The menu looks good, but I noticed the prices weren't that high (for Disney anyway), so I was wondering if it might be like one of those chains you mentioned. I'd rather eat at 'Ohana, but it appears to be booked solid.

Big BenNov 09, 2021

I had Breakfast and Dinner here last week, both were very good. For those who are fans, sweet tea seems to be hard to find at WDW, Steakhouse 71 had some of the best I've ever had!

HakunamatataNov 09, 2021

Dinner last night at Steakhouse 71. One of the better meals we have had on property. My apologies for not including the actual menu name Crem Brûlée- it was tasty. Apple tart dessert my wife had Potato side Fish entree. Grouper was the fresh fish of the day.

senor_jorgeNov 09, 2021

The Disney Springs location never blew us away. We had some good food, and some mediocre. None of it compared to what we had at his place in Honolulu.

Benjamin_NicholasNov 08, 2021

It was bound to happen. Just go for dinner and see who's sitting at the tables. They can't go too authentic and have had to modify even what they serve the Peking duck with (tortillas versus authentic bao). It's sorta funny and unfortunate that people go there and are wowed by it. To me, it just feels like an overpriced PF Chang's now.

Hockey89Nov 08, 2021

Having been to his places in Napa, Vegas and philly, the Disney location just doesn't compare..... So disappointing......

Benjamin_NicholasNov 07, 2021

Morimoto was great when they first opened, but they've made a lot of inauthentic changes to fit the Disney family palette. What they are now and what they were are two very different things.

Benjamin_NicholasNov 07, 2021

Americans have never quite figured out that more doesn't always mean better.

Weather_LadyNov 03, 2021

I'm so glad to hear that the photos didn't necessarily represent the real look of the place. I'm hoping to at least try breakfast there on an upcoming visit, and I thought the menus looked great, but I was really turned off by those photos. Your review has me putting it back on the "places to try" list!

Bullseye1967Nov 03, 2021

You will enjoy Morimoto! Get an outdoor table on the deck if you can. Very relaxing!