FIRST LOOK at menus for the upcoming Steakhouse 71 at Disney's Contemporary Resort

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Posted: Monday September 13, 2021 5:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Reservations will open September 16 for the brand new Steakhouse 71 at Disney's Contemporary Resort and today we have a first look at the menu line-up.

Opening October 1 2021, Steakhouse 71 will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in what Disney describes as a restaurant with "sleek yet comfortable décor with fun design elements from the ‘70s and hints of our Florida heritage with subtle sightings of the beloved Orange Bird and citrus groves."

The breakfast menu offers everything from Fresh-baked Pastries and Avocado Toast to Walt’s Prime Rib Hash and Eggs Benedict.

The lunch menu includes the Wedge Salad and Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger.

And for Dinner, a comprehensive range of steaks including Dry-aged and Prime Rib.

Desserts include the Steakhouse 71 Chocolate Cake - 15 layers of whiskey-infused chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and raspberries – one layer for every floor at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Finally, the the retro Steakhouse 71 Lounge offers comfortable seating at the large rectangular bar and serves small bites.

The Citrus Grove Cocktail (Italian bitter, green herbal liqueur, citrus juices, simple syrup, and orange bitters) evokes the scents of fresh oranges and citrus groves. And the Steakhouse 71 Vodka Gimlet (vodka, green herbal liqueur, herbal blend, lime juice, simple syrup, and Minute Maid Premium Lemonade) is a fresh and herbaceous cocktail inspired by the Florida wetlands. The “Lily” pad garnish is in honor of Lillian Disney.

The Tequila Sunrise served at the lounge is a modern twist with tequila, tropical juices, rosemary simple syrup, and house-made grenadine. A “sharable” Tequila Sunrise is available for lunch and dinner, serving 2-4 guests.

In addition to cocktails, Steakhouse 71 offers a selection of “Disney Family of Wines,” a diverse collection of wines with a personal connection to the Disney name.

Steakhouse 71 replaces The Wave on the ground floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort.

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SteveAZee7 days ago

I was having this sort of problem back in late 2019... had to call to cancel.

JohnD7 days ago

I dunno. It’s cancelled now. Obviously someone else has it by now.

nickys7 days ago

Some people have been unable to cancel ADRs online for a wee while now, a few weeks maybe. Likely a glitch but not sure how widespread it is.

Bullseye19677 days ago

Any clue why you cancel using MDE? It was up till 24 hours ahead of your ADR. I would cancel too.

Smiley/OCD7 days ago

DW & I made our reservations during our trip in was between S71 & Space 220...we both agreed that for right now, this was the better option, menu wise.

JohnD9 days ago

For the record, I really want to cancel my 10/1 6:55 pm ADR (I have another one for the evening of 10/5) but I can't cancel using MDE. I'm told I have to call. I would like for someone else to have it but I'm not waiting 90 minutes on the phone to cancel. I'll try later. days ago

The menu looks good. We’ll certainly make a point to book and visit. Do we know what’s happening at the California Grill exactly?

JohnD9 days ago

Maybe eventually again with Steakhouse 71 that could be a plan but because new it's already completly booked on 10/1 for example. Early this morning, I grabbed a 10/1 6:55pm ADR because I could. However, I already have a 5pm ADR at Whispering Canyon. But then I went to 10/5 and got that ADR and now am thinking of canceling the 6:55 SH71 ADR for several reasons. 1) That ADR could go approx 7pm-8:30pm and would be right up against fireworks 2) Later full meal as you pointed it. 3) 5pm Whispering Canyon is still a good break away from MK during the day with a meal in the early evening to return to MK with more time. So, yeah, leaning to keeping Whispering Canyon and canceling Steakhouse 71 (have to call currently. Can't use MDE).

dreday39 days ago

That's a good plan. We didn't end up booking here, but honestly I can see us on an MK day attempting to get a lunch reservation on the fly, used to be able to do that with The Wave. Walk on over. I would looove a Prime Rib sandwich!

JohnD9 days ago

Good point. Well, previously I had GF Cafe at the same time and was thinking about getting the NY strip. For Steakhouse, I'm thinking of getting the 6oz filet which isn't as big and a veggie for a side. The 15 layer cake is tempting but probably way too much. Maybe the Creme Brulee instead. So still enjoy the steakhouse, just smaller options.

dreday39 days ago

I see a lot of people eating there before Boo Bash. Do you think you would be too full to enjoy the rest of the night at Boo Bash? Maybe it's just me. If I eat a steak dinner, I'm pretty much done for the night outside of sitting outside with wine/cocktails. :D

michmousefan9 days ago

Was happy to get a res for a table of 7 for Nov. 10; kinda hard to find tables for large groups if you aren't staying on property and can take advantage of the additional time to secure reservations.

JohnD9 days ago

Same here. Currently I have an ADR for Whispering Canyon at 5:00pm and dinner at 6:55 so need to cancel one anyway. I also grabbed one for 10/5 at 6:00 pm before the Boo Bash that night. I'm thinking of cancelling the 10/1 Steakhouse ADR. The only problem is that you can't cancel via MDE right now. You can only call to cancel.

Richie2489 days ago

Just made a reservation for Oct 1st, will be a nice break from the Magic Kingdom!