PHOTOS - Starbucks Marketplace construction update

Mar 26, 2014 in "Starbucks Marketplace"

Posted: Wednesday March 26, 2014 9:25am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today we have an updated look at the construction progress on the new Starbucks location in the Marketplace at Downtown Disney.

Expected to open in the Spring of 2014, the Marketplace location will be one of two at Downtown, with the other located on the West Side. Both Epcot and the Magic Kingdom already have Starbucks locations, with Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios to follow later.

Click the gallery for more photos.

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MarkTwainMay 22, 2014

Looks great! Seems like it fits well visually into Marketplace.

TomHendricksMay 22, 2014

Got drinks there today, Baristas were awesome. Took a little time, still in training. We saved two snacks to get something there but unfortunately they could charge to rooms with the Magic Bands but weren't ready to take meal plan or maybe not taking it at all. The Barista was a bit confused today about the situation. It's beautiful and for me, a welcomed addition.

jt04May 20, 2014

There's no crying in coffee!

RayTheFireflyMay 19, 2014

More exterior. That's pretty much all I got. I have a video of the ribbon cutting, but I don't think I can upload that? (I'm not good with technology :oops:) Also, we overheard some of the execs saying they wanted to add queues on either side for the people who had already ordered who were waiting for their orders. And because they wanted to get people away from that service door on the right side. If you have any more questions feel free to ask! :)

RayTheFireflyMay 19, 2014


RayTheFireflyMay 19, 2014

More interior. I'm sorry I'm doing them all separately and stuff. I'm on my phone in the car on the way home from Florida. :p

RayTheFireflyMay 19, 2014

Interior of the store. They had a TON of baristas there. A lot of them seemed confused/new, but I'm sure they just needed to get in their groove. :)

RayTheFireflyMay 19, 2014

My friend and I (I'm on the left) and our baristas doing the first transaction! (Sorry for the bad angles and lighting)

RayTheFireflyMay 19, 2014

Ribbon cutting! One exec cut the ribbon and the store manager cut it too. He cried a little and everyone cheered.

RayTheFireflyMay 19, 2014

Getting out the red ribbon.

RayTheFireflyMay 19, 2014

GUYS!! So it was the last day of my WDW trip with my friend, and we had just had lunch at Paradiso 37 in Downtown Disney. We're walking toward WoD around 1:40pm, and we see the new Starbucks! And we see some people (including people in Starbucks uniforms) standing in front. So we ask them when it opens, and they say "at 2:00." And then they said for the first time ever (I didn't know it was opening today). So we were like "wow!" And got in line! Anyway we were the first customers at this location :). There were a ton of Starbucks and Disney execs there and we witnessed the ribbon cutting! I'll upload pics of it next (apologies in advance for the selfies). :D

jt04May 19, 2014

My only beef is that they should have replaced the shake siding above the store or at least used a different color. Trying too hard to blend it with the other stores. Otherwise it is well done.

wdwmagicMay 19, 2014

Yep it does. Looks like it's always been there. They did a nice job with this.

WDWDad13May 19, 2014

very nicely done... fits in well with the WOD building