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Feb 02, 2015 in "The Trolley Car Café Starbucks"

Posted: Monday February 2, 2015 8:21am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World’s third in-park Starbucks location soft opened to guests this past weekend bringing guests of Disney’s Hollywood Studios a new option for breakfast and a place to get a coffee fix.

The Trolley Car Cafe is located on the right hand side of Hollywood Blvd just inside the main entrance to the park, which ensures that every guest will walk by the store on the way to any attraction in the park.

If you have been to either the Epcot Fountain View, or the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery, you will be very familiar with the interior layout. Disney has gone with the same tried and tested setup of two lines, separated by a baked goods case in the center. A grab and go case is also located between the two lines. Any items collected here are carried through the line and paid for with any drink order at the register.

Each of the two lines has its own dedicated beverage ordering point with the registers, along with a pickup area and condiment bar. The Trolley Car Cafe, just like the other two in-park Starbucks locations, is designed for high throughput, and there is no inside or outside seating, although there are benches in the area on Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. 

The building itself was previously the L.A. Prop Shop, which sold a range of Disney merchandise. During the conversion, the interior has been remodelled into what looks like a trolley car engineering shop, complete with storage boxes, switch diagrams and vintage trolley car photos. New costumes have been created, along with a soundtrack that really helps integrate the cafe into Hollywood Blvd and the rest of the park.

The exterior has received a great looking refresh, complete with new signage and a well integrated Starbucks logo.

The menu is exactly the same as at the other Walt Disney World Starbucks - including the full range of beverages, and the Starbucks baked goods selection. A very limited range of Disney baked goods are also on offer. 

Besides appealing to the Starbucks coffee drinkers, the Trolley Car Cafe also adds an additional breakfast offering to the Studios, with a range of breakfast sandwiches for around $5.

Although currently in limited soft opening, the Trolley Car Cafe is expected to open to guests on Wednesday February 4 2015, and will operate from park opening to park close.

The Trolley Car Cafe joins two other Disney operated franchised Starbucks locations - the Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom and Fountain View at Epcot, with a fourth currently under construction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Downtown Disney, soon to become Disney Springs, has two Starbucks company operated stores, one on the Marketplace and one on the West Side.

Click the gallery for more photos of The Trolley Car Cafe.

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jensenrickFeb 14, 2015

A beautiful addition!

TomHendricksFeb 13, 2015

I was able to visit for the first time yesterday. What a truly beautiful job they did with this. What I love about it is, it doesn't scream Starbucks. We past it several times before my wife realized it was the Starbucks location. The inside is themed perfectly, my 6 year old son is a train/trolley nut and he absolutely loved it.

NeXuS1000Feb 12, 2015

I'd argue with the amount of people traffic and the little amount of space, adding seating would simply not work there. Here, however, there's plenty of room for seating in an area where few people walk.

note2001Feb 12, 2015

Those old cars used to get moved around all the time. I have a pic around here someplace from when they first opened, they had cars out on Hollywood Blvd.If I can find it I'll share. If it's on wheels it's meant to be moved. It'll pop up somewhere else. It is quite news worthy when Disney ADDS seating though, isn't it? LOL Wish they had the room to do so over on Main Street near the converted Bakery. I miss the ability to sit back and relax there first thing in the morning. I suppose there was only so much they could do with the space.

NeXuS1000Feb 12, 2015

I knew it! :)

mm52200Feb 11, 2015

Oh hmmmm I'm torn. I love the addition of the seating but I hate the removal of the classic car that was there.

flyerjabFeb 11, 2015

That improves this location even more. The addition of places to sit! Something else they didn't have to add but did.

wdwmagicFeb 11, 2015

Outdoor seating is now available.

SnarkyMonkeyFeb 08, 2015

Not sure what happened to my post but I also said that i just heard that they added outdoor seating. Can anyone confirm?

DougKFeb 08, 2015

You are forgetting this is the new Disney World, you should have planned what you are going to do for the rest of the day 2 - 6 months ago.

SnarkyMonkeyFeb 08, 2015

I heard yesterday that they had added outdoor seating. Can anyone confirm? I think the confusion is that yesterday Trolley Car starting serving the Starring Rolls cupcakes.

BLYFeb 08, 2015

I actually like Starbucks but will be extremely disappointed if Starring rolls closes. Their cakes are the best and family tradition to go there after riding Toy Story to have a coffee & cake and plan what we are going to do for the rest of the day.

wdwmagicFeb 07, 2015

No it is operating as normal as I know.

note2001Feb 07, 2015

Is starring rolls closed now? There's a twitter pic out there from yesterday saying it's been replaced by starbucks.