PHOTOS - Inside the Space 220 restaurant coming soon to EPCOT

Nov 16, 2020 in "Space 220 Restaurant"

Posted: Monday November 16, 2020 12:58pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

This morning, Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, shared a brief look inside the upcoming Space 220 restaurant as part of a presentation for  IAAPA Expo: Virtual Education Conference,  

In the image we see some of the two tier dining room seating, along with a look out of the viewports back towards Earth - courtesy of a massive 250ft projection screen that will wrap around the restaurant.

The restaurant has seen numerous construction delays prior to COVID, and then more related to construction limitations during COVID-19 mitigation measures. Disney, or the restaurants operator Patina Restaurant Group, has not yet released an update timeline for Space 220.

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mhochman10 days ago

The "it's" I was referring to was Disney's control, not the actual opening date.

CastAStone10 days ago

Indeed. And Delaware North (who owns Patina) was ROCKED by the pandemic. Most of their business is operating F&B at sports venues and office cafeterias. Not exactly businesses operating on a carside-to-go model right now. And frankly, with all of the festivals, neither can restaurants at Epcot right now. So I’m guessing they’ll push to delay as long as possible, since opening at 30-50% capacity is almost certainly a money loser.

danlb_200010 days ago

But the pandemic likely invalidated things in the contract. For example if there was required "open by date" the pandemic could have invalidated that.

Patcheslee10 days ago

I'm wondering if the "space lift" design, may not be practical in with the social distancing. Would they open without that feature? Or is it a functional 1 story lift?

nickys10 days ago

That contract has been in place for years, literally! No way would it spell out an opening date. It might well specify that Disney will confirm the planned opening, but I doubt it allows for unlimited changes of mind! I’m sure the parks closure resulted in some renegotiation too, since any previous agreement would have been affected.

mhochman10 days ago

Purely speculating, but I would imagine Disney has control over anything like that and I'm sure it's written into their contract.

nickys10 days ago

Would it be Disney or Patina who have the final say on when it opens? Obviously it can’t open until Patina have staff who have been trained, which I don’t think had happened yet - but I could be wrong. But when Patina either say “We’re ready” or “We’ll be ready on June 1st”, can Disney say “We want you to wait until Oct 1st” ?

mhochman10 days ago

Right, which makes you wonder, why no opening date. It should be ready. I'm sure it could be ready very soon if they wanted it to be. Maybe the above poster is right, maybe they're waiting for Rat.

wdwmagic10 days ago

Construction resumed on that project even during the COVID shutdown, but on a slower pace due to the COVID restrictions and the reduced workforce able to be onsite. So things have definitely happened on the inside, and they were not that far off even then.

mhochman10 days ago

I've said this already in this thread, but I can't ever remember a project showing this little progress with this little info. It HAS to be that there is nothing happening inside.

ppete197511 days ago

Im thinking they open it when rat opens... but thats a guess

rle4lunch11 days ago

Everytime I look at when a thread is built on a new project I cringe to see said project still not complete nearly 4 years later. 2 years should be the max that ANYTHING should take to build. Hell, they build stuff as fast as a military contractor (which, is to say, not fast).

Surferboy56711 days ago

It is very interesting we still haven’t heard anything about this. Surely, something has to be happening soon?

rle4lunch11 days ago

we were there a week before MMRR opened as well... oh well. We're heading back down in 16 days.