PHOTOS - Inside the Space 220 restaurant coming soon to EPCOT

Nov 16, 2020 in "Space 220 Restaurant"

Posted: Monday November 16, 2020 12:58pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

This morning, Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, shared a brief look inside the upcoming Space 220 restaurant as part of a presentation for  IAAPA Expo: Virtual Education Conference,  

In the image we see some of the two tier dining room seating, along with a look out of the viewports back towards Earth - courtesy of a massive 250ft projection screen that will wrap around the restaurant.

The restaurant has seen numerous construction delays prior to COVID, and then more related to construction limitations during COVID-19 mitigation measures. Disney, or the restaurants operator Patina Restaurant Group, has not yet released an update timeline for Space 220.

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trainplane313 minutes ago

I'm surprised Zach hasn't shown us how the floor was made...

nbar29 minutes ago

I'm really hoping to eat here for my November trip. My reservation window open up on this Wednesday for my trip. Side note, my trip is a split stay with two resort reservations. Will I be able to book all my dining for both resort stays or will I have to wait for when the second reservation window would open which would be Friday?

RememberWhen1 hour ago

I wish I checked at 5:30. Oh well. I was able to get a dinner for a day during our trip, but we’ll have to move things around. I saw several other options but I got errors when I tried to book them. I’ll keep trying. Maybe things will open up a bit once people finalize their plans.

MickeyCB1 hour ago

It did open a little after 5:30 am. At first only the check availability button was live, kept going to none available. Then suddenly turned on. We were able to get a reservation for Sat Oct 23, at 3. My screenshot of the reservation is timed at 5:35. I was moving so fast I got flustered and forgot to click the “I agree” button so I made myself take a second to make sure I even had the correct day! All of that with no coffee was a bad idea.

KrazyKat2 hours ago

Couldn’t book anything but somehow we stumbled upon an open reservation to 50s prime time so we booked it for HS.

awoogala2 hours ago

Well that was a disaster. couldn't get anything for our November trip. Amazing how every Disney group I'm in it's all complaints about the menu and prices and claiming no one wants to go, but yet all the reservations got snapped up 🤣

MansionButler842 hours ago

They are currently booking parties of zero.

ZachPL2 hours ago

Did anyone manage a reservation for 1? I have my doubts that they are allowing any parties of 1 currently.

Demarke2 hours ago

Dang, rookie mistake got me! I googled to see what time reservations open and the first result was from Disney indicating 7am, so set my alarm for 6:45. Now I see that’s apparently for phone only and online opened at 5:45 (or earlier). Nothing left Nov 3-8. D’oh!

LorangeJuice2 hours ago

At least when all the winner families around my loser family screamed in elation on Sunset Blvd. at DHS, we all had the same shot at 7 am. This is just awful. Not Disney. Why can't they make a que like when the Park Passes and Remy Preview went live?

Muffinpants2 hours ago

Had multiple times open for me but just wouldn't let me finish booking .. went in the website refreshed so many time my hand hurts finally got the option to pick date/time, than got the reservation frozen error. By the time the site stopped being a hot mess everything was gone. So I changed my party size to 5 and they had some available. I wonder if they have some bigger booths? After I got the 5 person I was able to refresh azillion times looking for a later time and less ppl. Ended as a 4 person at 1pm. Change party size might open some options

LorangeJuice2 hours ago

Me too. Lost a non-ideal time but during my trip. Then I lost a random time I thought I could make work. Then I got another non-ideal time, and it rejected the CC I've used on everything for my upcoming trip. I tried a different CC, and it worked. I just wished the system worked. And I'm irked that people were posting confirmations at 5:36 am. I thought Disney got rid of their virtual que to end disappointment yet here we are.

HiddenMickeySearch2 hours ago

Since re-opening after the pandemic, the reservations are available for a 60 day window, with an additional 10 days based on a maximum 10 day resort stay.

LorangeJuice2 hours ago

Ugh. Totally forgot. Thanks!