FIRST LOOK at EPCOT'S Space 220 food and drink

11 days ago in "Space 220 Restaurant"

Posted: Tuesday September 14, 2021 4:$5pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a first look at some of the food and drink at EPCOT'S Space 220, opening September 20 2021.

You can find out more about Space 220 reservations and see the full menus from our earlier article.

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MisterPenguin35 minutes ago

Then Disney could show the inside of the Edison. If you're comparing apples to apples...

Hawg G1 hour ago

They should have shown the inside of Toothsome, such an obvious thing.

Sir_Cliff4 hours ago

Honestly, though, that's part of what reads so weirdly about this snark. It's supposedly a theme park company laughing at another company for bothering to open a themed restaurant instead of just throwing up screens and playing sports because, after all, there's basically no difference, right? Sure, just an ill-judged joke and sometimes Uni's jabs at Disney are genuinely amusing, but I do think it's an indication that maybe they need to start reconsidering their brand's personality. This Tweet reads to me a self-own because it suggests Uni is where you go if you just want to eat in a sports bar with giant screens and not bother with all that theming nonsense while Disney is where you go if you want a highly-themed dining experience. In other words, it's clear which is the higher-end product in the theme park market here. Maybe, though, they do want to position themselves as the park for those who do kind of roll their eyes at Disney's efforts at theming and prefer more straightforward thrills.

SteveAZee6 hours ago

You're right... had to Google it. Thanks!

peter114357 hours ago

That’s beef…

SteveAZee7 hours ago

I think the "Short Rib Sliders" count for that. :)

MisterPenguin7 hours ago

They'll be simulating a "something's gone wrong" scenario when they suddenly drop the restaurant 20 feet down into the Horizon's sinkhole.

SoFloMagic12 hours ago

But no 3d glasses becase chapek cut the budget

Movielover12 hours ago

I agree with everything you have said, I just also want to point out everything going on with the third act of that ride during the "flying" segments where the tower sets flanking the screens move in sync with the films, and then once again when the Scoop vehicle is "flipped" vertically. The way all the effects in that scene are combined to really make you feel like you are changing axis and floating upwards is very effective! I know there are no AA's in that ride, just moving set pieces but it always seemed more than a screen ride to me. It's just that good!

dmw2 days ago

I wonder if the space 220 view will ever include... :cautious: Pigs in Space! 😄

flynnibus2 days ago

Can you see SSE from space?

MisterPenguin2 days ago

"There's literally everything in space!"

Magicart872 days ago

"There's plenty of space out in space!" - from WALL-E

Wendy Pleakley2 days ago

Speaking of Canada, Space 220 will make a great Food & Wine festival venue in the future. Lots of room for kiosks.