Patina Restaurant Group preparing for a fall opening of Space 220 at EPCOT

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Posted: Wednesday June 9, 2021 3:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Patina Restaurant Group has today announced that it is preparing for an opening of its Space 220 restaurant at EPCOT this fall.

We reached out to Patina, and they have confirmed to us that they are currently in the process of hiring team members for Space 220, and are preparing for a fall 2021 opening.

Space 220, which was originally planned to open in 2019 has seen numerous construction delays prior to COVID, and then more delays related to construction restrictions during COVID-19 as mitigation measures were in place.

In a rare look inside shared by Disney last year, we see some of the two tier dining room seating, along with a look out of the viewports back towards Earth - courtesy of a massive 250ft projection screen that will wrap around the restaurant.

The adventure begins when a crew member invites guests to step inside the restaurant’s space elevator and prepare for liftoff. Guests will feel as if they are on a scenic excursion traveling 220 miles directly above Earth's surface, docking at the Centauri Space Station suspended just beyond the orbit of Mission: SPACE. Upon their arrival at the restaurant, guests will be guided to their seats past the grow zone, a spinning wall of produce that mimics Earth’s gravity and represents some of the fresh ingredients used by the culinary team.

Space 2020 is located adjacent to Mission: SPACE on the right-hand side of the pavilion.

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DCBaker1 day ago

Couple of new postings (the PC is one that was posted in February, but has now been posted again) -

DCBaker13 days ago

Still posting positions -

The_Jobu13 days ago

Yeah but still funny. Happy 39th Epcot!

MisterPenguin13 days ago

There's already surge pricing depending on the day you chose. I imagine price based on the park is not far behind.

orky813 days ago

Completely agree this is leadership's sole focus, that's what I've been saying. If you care about your guests, you don't leave a ride mothballed for 6 months. To current leadership, guests are nothing more than lines on a spreadsheet.

ppete197513 days ago

yes marketing! And bringing in people to fill capacity. And more marketing. With the current state of the parks there is no reason to waste the attraction on people who would be there anyway (love disney, pent up enthusiasm, locals) Financially its wiser to wait till the park has fireworks higher capacities and they need to pull more people in. I am sure that disney looks at the people going right now as the people that as long as they open the gates they will come. Lots of the hotels arent even open right now, they are playing the long game. Wait till they can open it and other things and get more bang for the buck. Right now all they have to do is dust it check the hydraulics and computers... no cast members little electricity, and im not sure how the taxes work but might even be a loss financially since it isnt opened for them to claim (i have no idea if thats right) It isnt about the guests.. its about money

ppete197513 days ago

do you think there will ever be a time that MK costs more than the other 3. IT would be hard to do with the way they sell tickets but it is possible and would push people to do other parks perhaps.

orky813 days ago

Because guests visiting for the next 5 months might enjoy it. Valuable to who, marketing? I mean, I'm not going to say what would Walt do. But, I'm pretty sure not this. Though, he could probably build a restaurant in less than 4 years too.

ppete197513 days ago

disneyland lost all of the 65th anniversary time. Its clear from the merchandise we did see (funkos etc) that they wanted that to be a big one.

ppete197513 days ago

if covid didnt happen and capacity wasnt capped Rat would be opened. I think this is a why waste it now, its more valuable to keep unopened due to all of the variables.

MisterPenguin13 days ago

50th celebrations aren't connected to a switch to turn on. All the things that were supposed to happen were in process for years. Then when a world-wide pandemic hit, it became clear that there was no clear end to the pandemic. You don't remember everyone's surprise when lockdowns were happening for a month, then three months? Estimates of the pandemic depressing the economy that could go on for years? All before we had a working vaccine? That causes companies to 'turtle'. And if Disney didn't conserve resources to show that the company didn't have a net loss quarter after quarter, its stocks would have plummeted. In that case, we may be talking about Disney Amazon Parks right now. It's easy and cheap to blame someone while ignoring all the uncertainties and restrictions they faced.

MisterPenguin13 days ago

Absent a world-wide pandemic there was supposed to be for MK: A new coaster (TRON) A revamped Speedway A replacement for Stitch A fashion do-over for Tomorrowland The castle decoration Maybe a new float for the day parade Borrowing DL's electric night parade A 50th tag to HEA A Main Street Theater An upgrade to MK park entrance (all four parks got that, too) IP additions to TTA The explosion added to BTM Refurb Main Street facades Projections on Main Street facades Update CoP (at least the last scene) Something something Muppets New scenes for PhilharMagic Some things are happening. Some aren't or are delayed due to COVID, and some are cut for other reasons. DHS was in desperate need for new rides. And it turned out, EPCOT was also in desparate need as it was about to become the least attended of the four park. The best thing for MK right now is to continue to beef up the other three parks to draw away people from MK which is already overcrowded. Disney seems poised to 'fix' the overcrowding of MK not only with carrots and sticks (mainly higher prices), but with a hard cap, thanks to the new Park Reservation system.

orky813 days ago

Chapek put the brakes on Tron and moth-balled Rat until the 50th so he'd have something new to open. Yes. Worldwide pandemic or not, Chapek could have told construction on Tron to proceed instead of halting it (Universal still managed to build velocicoaster, for example) or said to open Rat as soon as it was ready, which it currently is, instead of holding it until MK's 50th. I find the Rat decision a perfect example of current leadership mindset, which doesn't give a $#@# about the guest experience. Covid or not, it's ready to go. Open it.

MisterPenguin13 days ago

So it wasn't the Chinese... it was Chapek that caused a world-wide pandemic!!