Latest look at the upcoming Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Oct 04, 2022 in "Roundup Rodeo BBQ"

Roundup Rodeo BBQ construction - October 4 2022
Posted: Tuesday October 4, 2022 11:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a latest look at the exterior construction underway at Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Originally planned to open in 2020 and delayed by the pandemic, the Roundup Rodeo BBQ will be located near the entrance of Toy Story Land and will be a table service offering. Disney said earlier this year that Roundup Rodeo BBQ will open in 2022.

Stepping into the lobby and waiting area, guests will experience first-hand what it feels like to be one of Andy's honorary toys, before progressing into two larger dining room spaces where Andy's rodeo takes place. Here, the rodeo will be in full swing, with western town and train station playsets mixing with surprising, playful details, like some fan-favorite Pixar characters as they've never been seen before.

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Coaster LoverMay 05, 2023

Just not complete unless John Ratzenberger is your waiter...

MagicHappens1971Apr 28, 2023

It actually gets turned into fuel for the Disney busses.

No NameApr 28, 2023

Is that a problem? There’s no shortages of food.

JohnDApr 26, 2023

I have to admit, the overhead PA system stuff was clever especially when "Andy's coming"? Everyone - servers and guests - all pause. It's actually fun.

pdude81Apr 26, 2023

Well the non-teachers might appreciate having a big, over-themed room. Or not. While you shouldn't eat glue, I would suggest the adults drink the PB&J.

The Great GonzoApr 26, 2023

The atmosphere is a bit disappointing. It looks like my old kindergarten room... which isn't a good thing. I've got some bad memories from that place. Did you know you're not supposed to eat a whole supersized jar of elmers paste?

JohnDApr 26, 2023

When I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

AylaApr 26, 2023

How nice they throw away wasted food they don't need to give you in the first place. 🙄

JohnDApr 20, 2023

I suspect you'll still get more food than you can eat. It's a LOT.

NelleBelleApr 20, 2023

As vegetarians, we are definitely looking forward to trying the vegetarian offerings. Looks like they have a lot and the reviews have been pretty good.

ToTBellHopApr 20, 2023

I enjoyed the food but we agreed we wouldn’t spend over $200 to eat there again. You can find better BBQ elsewhere at WDW. Sides were good, though, and we liked the theming in there. It was a fun time. You definitely don’t leave hungry.

JohnDApr 20, 2023

So here is my quick review. I went solo and the amount of food you get is the same whether a party of one or a party of five. They assure me they compost what isn't eaten. Anyway, here is what you get (drinks are separate): A minimum of three biscuits Three separate salads A skillet of chicken, brisket, ribs, and sausage Your choice of 4 of 6 or 7 sides, each in a large bowl. I chose corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans, and Mac and cheese. Your choice of up to 4 or 5 small cups of dessert. I choose cheesecake, apple pie, and tort, similar to mousse. For a party of two, why pay $90? $45 is plenty for two or even more. You can't, BTW. The cost is per person. Food is great but too much for one person. You've been warned.

Magenta PantherApr 01, 2023

Some people diss on Applebee's, but it makes a great Perfect Margarita.

MisterPenguinMar 31, 2023

Have we found a Pixar Ball, Luxor Lamp, or Pizza Express car yet, too?