Latest look at the upcoming Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Oct 04, 2022 in "Roundup Rodeo BBQ"

Roundup Rodeo BBQ construction - October 4 2022
Posted: Tuesday October 4, 2022 11:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a latest look at the exterior construction underway at Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Originally planned to open in 2020 and delayed by the pandemic, the Roundup Rodeo BBQ will be located near the entrance of Toy Story Land and will be a table service offering. Disney said earlier this year that Roundup Rodeo BBQ will open in 2022.

Stepping into the lobby and waiting area, guests will experience first-hand what it feels like to be one of Andy's honorary toys, before progressing into two larger dining room spaces where Andy's rodeo takes place. Here, the rodeo will be in full swing, with western town and train station playsets mixing with surprising, playful details, like some fan-favorite Pixar characters as they've never been seen before.

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ppete19757 days ago

buckeyegator7 days ago

it's chapek's fault, too much pilling on?

J45468 days ago

Damn, I just wanted some new pics

HauntedPirate8 days ago

Building a restaurant (that will likely be lightly-themed, in the grand scheme of things) in less than 4 years? Those are some pretty high standards you have. πŸ˜‚

networkpro8 days ago

Ducks in orange sauce

SteveAZee8 days ago

Animaniac93-988 days ago

This thread started April 30 2019. Over three and a half years ago...

marni19718 days ago

Ducks in. Sees it’s STILL not finished. Leaves.

Movielover13 days ago

Well he does have the will to win... ;)

mitchk13 days ago

Lol. I just noticed that… Darn sure looks like it. Lol.

RSoxNo115 days ago

Is that kid checking her out?

etc9822 days ago

My mind immediately went to bottlecaps as an option for theming for the plates

mitchk22 days ago


mysto30 days ago

Those plates will be to scale, about 4 feet in diameter. Your typical pulled pork sandwich is going to weigh in at 110 lbs, for $19.99, now that's value! It's good to Disney offering reasonably priced meals, change is in the air at last. They will be using "toy" forklifts to deliver the meals. I wonder how long it will be before the first lawsuit when someone is smothered beneath 30 pounds of mashed potatoes? They may have to make guests wait in a safe pre-show area while they load up the table.