Burgers and Sundaes fixed price dining coming to Restaurantosaurus

Jun 12, 2019 in "Restaurantosaurus"

Posted: Wednesday June 12, 2019 9:34pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Restaurantosaurus at Disney's Animal Kingdom will be offering a fixed price Burgers and Sundaes menu later this summer.

You’ll get to choose between gourmet burgers, a chicken sandwich, veggie burger and salad. Side dishes included French fries and onion rings with a house-made dipping sauce. Then you have access to a build-your-own sundae bar.

Beginning August 18 2019 during dinner, Restaurantosaurus Burgers and Sundaes will be priced at $22.99 + tax for adults and $14.99 + tax for children ages 3-9. It is on the Disney Dining Plan and will count as one quick service entitlement. Reservations begin today by calling 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463) or online. Walk-ups will also be available.

Restaurantosaurus will continue to operate as a regular quick service restaurant at both lunch and dinner alongside the Burgers and Sundaes guests who will be using a designated part of the restaurant.

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dreamfinderAug 21, 2019

I haven't been at Restaurantsaurus and seen both sides of seating open for quite a while now. May just be when I travel, but this doesn't seem to really be a negative. Basically trying to get guests to eat there, essentially by re-adding the dessert to the QS credit. Price is in line with what you get vs a la carte, and if you buy it without knowing what you are paying for, thats on you the guest.

Jon81ukAug 21, 2019

Pizzafari brought in a Prixe Fixe menu and also offers the regular quick service. Can't see any reason why Restauntosaurus won't also keep the regular quick service.

Beacon JoeAug 21, 2019

I hope that this continues solely as an option at Restaurantosaurus, and doesn't become the sole option at the restaurant in the coming months. For some reason, I actually like Restaurantosaurus and eat there at least once per trip. ETA: And for some other reason, I get the feeling that this will, indeed, shortly become the sole option for dining there.

Jedi StitchAug 19, 2019

I go to the airport. I eat and pay like i'm already at Disney. I get the dining plan, and make every penny worth it at every meal.

Dave BAug 19, 2019

My bad, when I went to the website and did the drop down to switch it from breakfast to lunch to dinner, it only had one drop down and said Lunch and Dinner

FearAug 19, 2019

It's not. Seating starts at 4:30pm That said, I'm real glad this doesn't seem to be a bust. I'd like to see them post it further on after this test.

Dave BAug 19, 2019

I think it is for lunch and dinner

DisneyNorthFanAug 19, 2019

Saw an early review of this new offering and it had some favorable surprises - in quality & value.

SpiteriFamJun 22, 2019

As someone who uses the DDP I think that sounds like good value for a quick service credit-particularly if it come with a drink. Is a shame it’s not valid for lunch as we have our larger meal in the early afternoon

HoldenCJun 16, 2019

No we don't unless the food is bad

Mickey5150Jun 16, 2019

Some of us go so we can continue eating unhealthy.

NunuJun 14, 2019

No, you're not! ;)

eliza61nycJun 14, 2019

???? Prix fix diners are nothing new. What do you mean "real" restaurant?? NYC and Paris do it all the time for decades. Lol, what are they fake . I can tell you don't go to steak restaurants. One of the reasons they are so expensive is because every thing is a la carte LOL fast food has been doing this for years. they call them value meals

FlynnwriterJun 14, 2019

Every time Disney turns an al a carte restaurant into a set menu with a single cost we should worry. Just like slapping an IP on a restaurant and throwing in the towel on operating a real restaurant and turning it into a mass-market food hall. Forcing people to spend more and have less choices is not a vacation, it’s screwing the guest.