Pollo Campero and BabyCakes NYC permanently closing later this month

Mar 05, 2014 in "Pollo Campero"

Posted: Wednesday March 5, 2014 3:24pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Pollo Campero at Downtown Disney will be closing at the end of operations on March 19 2014.

The quick service restaurant opened back in November 2010 following the removal of McDonalds. The BabyCakes NYC bakery, located inside Pollo Campero will also close at the same time.

The restaurant will be demolished to make way for the Disney Springs redevelopment of Downtown Disney.

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MrPromeyApr 02, 2014

Now, if only they moved this quickly on projects that weren't direct retail. :/

WDWDad13Apr 02, 2014

wow they really aren't messing around on this project... really excited to see the finished Disney Springs project...I think it may surprise a lot of people, even on here (even if it's "just a mall") :)

wdwmagicApr 02, 2014

and almost over night - it is gone PHOTOS - Former Pollo Campero building demolished

BairstowMar 31, 2014

jaklgreenMar 31, 2014

Their chicken was really good. I always ate their the first night of my trip.

MOXOMUMDMar 30, 2014

I never had a chance to eat there but that does look good.

danpam1024Mar 29, 2014

Cool thanks!

Gabe1Mar 29, 2014

Hope you saw this, not Springs but at least somewhere! http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/gardens-kiosk-at-disneys-animal-kingdom-now-offering-baby-cakes-nyc-gluten-free-doughnuts.882070/

BairstowMar 27, 2014

So did it close? I'm pretty bummed. Pollo Campero was probably my favorite place to eat on property. A couple weeks ago I visited one of their new locations outside Atlanta, and while the yucca fries and beans were good, the chicken wasn't as good as the Disney location's.

JimboJones123Mar 08, 2014

It may, but that is a long summer away.

Monorail_OrangeMar 08, 2014

I thought they would be back after Captain Cook's phase of the GCH refurb? Where's Tikiman to settle this?

JimboJones123Mar 08, 2014

And Disneyland ones that you can enjoy in the Tiki Room are even better. Far better than a Tiki Room where they are forbidden. And that has no Tiki Fountain.

JimboJones123Mar 08, 2014

The won't be at the Poly pretty soon anyways.

Monorail_OrangeMar 08, 2014

We have Menchie's locally where I live. Tried it one time, and it was so bad, we haven't been back (and will not go back). But I would gladly take a trip to Poly or stand in line at Aloha Ilse for a Dole Whip. Menchie's...yeah, well, to each their own.