New family-style dining at Pizzafari debuts later this summer

Jul 17, 2018 in "Pizzafari"

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Posted: Tuesday July 17, 2018 8:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Pizzafari at Disney's Animal Kingdom will debut a new family-style dining option beginning July 31 2018.

After placing your drink orders at the check-in podium, you’ll be seated in one of two dining rooms that have been designated for this new experience. Once seated, you will be served a selection of family-style plates delivered right to your table: two appetizers (Caprese Salad and Caesar Salad), as well as three entrees, including pasta, chicken, and pizza dishes, and end your meal with a sweet dessert.

Pizzafari Family-Style Dining will be offered between 5pm and 8pm daily starting July 31. Cost is $19.99 for guests ages 10 and older and $11.99 for guests ages 3-9, including tax and non-alcoholic beverages. Beer and wine will also be available for separate purchase. This experience also counts as 1 QSR Redemption on the Disney Dining Plan.

Reservations are available online at or by calling 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463) starting Tuesday, July 17.

Pizzafari will continue to operate as a quick-service restaurant with its regular menu throughout the day, with this new offering taking place only at dinner.

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Hockey89Aug 28, 2018

Tiffans was pretty good meal... Waitress was very nice...

FullSailDanAug 28, 2018

Well my point was more a funny way to say that my husband and I don't have kids, and are more of the type to be fanatic about eating healthy so this particular offering wasn't right for us. I know plenty of gays who chow down at chickfila and destroy a pizza solo after a night in the bars. At Disney, the two of us still try to be good at meal time so we can enjoy citrus swirls, churros, and the other goodies in the evening :)

HwdStudioAug 28, 2018

My sarcasm didn’t come through as I intended. It sounded funny in my head. I should have put an eye roll emoji in there. We eat anything and everything while in WDW and we do stuff ourselves silly!

imsosarahAug 28, 2018

One other interesting thing - My teenage kids were the only kids in the place. All adults otherwise. Truthfully, I'd go back just for the AC and salads....hard to get a decent caprese at disney for some reason.

Jon81ukAug 28, 2018

Not all gay dudes are like that, I can devour a buffet meal. and I ate so so many potstickers at 'Ohana.

HwdStudioAug 28, 2018

Yeah us gay dudes don’t rwally do the family stuff yourself silly meals. I would stop after the salad.

HwdStudioAug 28, 2018

Thanks for the review! Very helpful!

imsosarahAug 27, 2018

UPDATE: We just got back from the trip and tried this meal option. It was...fine. The Ordering Process was a bit of a mess and you stand in line after line then finally go to your seat. The food was a hit or miss. The salads were amazing, the alfredo was tasty, the ziti was inedible, the pizza was fine. I think had it been cooked a little more it would have been good. The desert canolis were TINY - it was almost a joke but make for a good laugh. Overall: If I have dining plan, its a great option. We had way too much food left over (and I have two teenagers) so I would likely order for just 3 (the service sizes are based on number of people) next time. I wouldn't likely pay $20/person for it when I could eat via napoli for that price cash.

DNSAug 27, 2018

This sounds pretty good. I’m sure we will be trying it out.

Prince-1Jul 23, 2018

Gay dudes in are part of their target demographic for sure!

FullSailDanJul 23, 2018

I think the term is fast casual like many Panera and shake shack locations.

larryzJul 21, 2018

I'm confused... it's more than "quick service" and not quite "table service"... Maybe it's "Quibble service."

FullSailDanJul 20, 2018

I think this is a good step up for pizzafari and quickservice in general for families. Maybe not the type of meal I want to have, but then again, we're two gay dudes that eat super clean and were sans kids so we're probably not the target demographic.

imsosarahJul 19, 2018

The pictures on the disney (not blogger) websites show a different pizza for the family style - more flatbread style - "classic round" hasn't been mentioned on any of the official menu's i've seen