Pepe by José Andrés

West Side, Disney Springs

Lunch And Dinner Menu
April 2024

  • Sandwiches y Más

  • Super Flauta - Jamón
    18” flauta perfect to share! Classic flauta bread with tomato and Spain’s best jamón

  • Super Flauta - Manchego Cheese and Grated Tomato
    18” flauta perfect to share! Flauta bread with nutty Manchego cheese and tomato

  • Super Flauta - Fresh Cured Chorizo Sausage, Manchego Cheese, and grated Tomato
    18” flauta perfect to share! Flauta bread with spicy, savory chorizo, Manchego and grated tomato

  • Super Flauta - Tomate Fresco and Spanish Omelette
    18” flauta perfect to share! Flauta bread with traditional omelette of potatoes and egg, with tomato

  • Bikini Sandwich - Manchego, Havarti, and Goat Cheese
    A Spanish panini! Pressed sandwich with three cheeses

  • Bikini Sandwich - Two Spanish Hams and Cheese
    A Spanish panini! Pressed sandwich with two types of Jamón and cheese

  • Bikini Sandwich - Spreadable Chorizo, Manchego Cheese and Honey
    A Spanish panini! Bikini Menorquín - Pressed sandwich with spicy chorizo, nutty Manchego and honey

  • Bikini Sandwich - Zucchini, Red Pepper, Eggplant and Manchego
    A Spanish panini! Bikini de Pisto con Queso Manchego

  • Ibérico Pork Burger
    La Hamburguesa with tomatoes, caramelized onions, piparra alioli on a brioche bun

  • Pepe Burger
    Brasstown beef, 100% grass fed ribeye burger, American cheese, secret sauce, piparra peppers

  • Chorizo Hot Dog Sandwich
    Caramelized onions, spicy tomato sauce, aioli

  • All Natural Beef Hot Dog
    Your favorite frankfurt made better with brava and alioli sauces

  • Spanish Tuna Salad
    Atún Bocata with cornichons, romaine lettuce, tomato and red onion on crispy pan de cristal

  • Fried Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
    Fútbol Club with mayo-mustard

  • Make any Sandwich a Combo
    Choose one side: Patatas Bravas, Gazpacho or Green Salad | Choose one drink: Soda, Water, Apple Juice, Coffee or Iced Tea

  • Add Avocado to any Sandwich
  • Something More

  • Iberian Pork Sausages and "picos"
    Typical Spanish street snack called “Pica Pica.” Cured Iberico pork and picos.

  • Chicken Fritters
    Croquetas de Pollo - creamy chicken and bechamel fried to golden brown

  • José Andrés Potato Chips - Regular
    Made with Spanish olive oil

  • José Andrés Potato Chips - Large
    Made with Spanish olive oil

  • Chilled Soup with Red Beets and Tomatoes
    Gazpacho de Remolacha

  • Spanish Fried Potatoes, Aioli and Brava Sauce
    Patatas Bravas

  • Something Sweet

  • Ice cream
    Soft serve ice cream! Ask for the daily selection

  • Churros and chocolate sauce
    Crispy fried pastry coated in sugar

  • Choice of ice cream with Churros
    Helado con churros

  • Traditional Spanish flan
    Flan al Estilo Tradicional de Mamá Marisa

  • House-made Cookie
    Ask for today's freshly-baked selection

  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Bottled Soda
    Coke®, Sprite®, Diet Coke®

  • Dasani (Still)
  • Honest Kids Organic Juice
  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Sangría Roja
    Sangría Roja
    $35.00 $9.00 
  • Granizado de Sangria
    Frozen Sangria

  • Beer - Cigar City
    Jai Alai, FL, IPA (7.0%)

  • Miller Lite
  • Corona
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