Pecos Bill Cafe closing for short refurbishment to launch new menu

Sep 25, 2015 in "Pecos Bill Cafe"

Posted: Friday September 25, 2015 2:42pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Pecos Bill Cafe in the Magic Kingdom will be closing for a short refurbishment later this month to launch a brand new menu.

A new menu will offer Fajitas, Burritos and Rice Bowls - sounding a lot like the extremely popular menu at the Chipotle chain of restaurants.

The current menu at Pecos Bill is a much more traditional theme park fast food lineup, including Barbecued Pork Sandwich, Burgers and Short Ribs.

The Magic Kingdom quick service restaurant will close on September 28 through to September 30 2015, reopening to guests on October 1 2015.

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RSoxNo1Mar 30, 2016

For at least 3 years prior to this menu change it was much worse. They have returned to having a functional salad bar even if it's without the plastic molten lava cheese. I would prefer this menu with the old school Taco Salad shell as the best of both worlds.

dstrawn9889Mar 29, 2016

disney4life2008Mar 29, 2016

Sorry to disagree. Cosmic Rays has the best chicken nuggets! I am not interested in disney burgers though

disney4life2008Mar 29, 2016

Perhaps this is why: I only get the chicken breast nuggets and fries. I like cosmic rays because they usually give more than other places with the chicken and a large plate of fries.

ford91exploderMar 29, 2016

When was that? Like I said a few years back the burgers at WDW were acceptable. Nothing that warranted a special trip to eat them but a solid reasonably tasty mass produced burger nonetheless, Now I'd rather eat the crates they are packed in.

ford91exploderMar 29, 2016

Let's face it the best burgers on the east coast come from either Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square in Cambridge or Louis Lunch at Yale... And no neither one costs anywhere NEAR 30 bucks.

dstrawn9889Mar 28, 2016

and grease?

hayzer11Mar 28, 2016

That also includes 1 free ketchup packet and tap water!

MinthorneMar 28, 2016

Thank goodness there will soon be an D-Luxe burger available ($29.99 plus tax - limited to 3000 a a day)

glvsav37Mar 28, 2016

As someone who stood at the end of the conveyor belt put that frozen beef product not the griller machine thing, I can undoubtedly say that Peco's Bills burgers were indeed better then that Tomorrowland crap hole's because we made ours with love.

ford91exploderMar 28, 2016

You are absolutely correct @monothingie Comment was intended to be general the circular frozen 'beef' product served at WDW these days is just NASTY period, Does not matter WHERE it's served or how far it travelled down the utilidors.

dstrawn9889Mar 28, 2016

its the difference between LEFT Disney and RIGHT Disney... now does RIGHT Disney have packing tape like that?

monothingieMar 28, 2016

Weren't they just carbon copies of each other? The only difference is that one pallet of the frozen "beef" product goes down the utilidoor to the right and one goes down the utilidoor to the left.

The90skidMar 28, 2016

See THIS right here is the quality content that I joined this forum for! 10/10