PHOTOS - Paradiso 37 expanding as part of Disney Springs redevelopment

Dec 17, 2014 in "Paradiso 37"

Posted: Wednesday December 17, 2014 6:20am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The sole surviving tenant from the former Pleasure Island hilltop area, Paradiso 37, is expanding as part of the Disney Springs redevelopment.

The 5 year old latin restaurant is expanding out into the Village Lake, and making adjustments to the land based patio area. The building itself is also undergoing facade work, which should give it a fresh new look once complete.

The restaurant is open as normal during the construction work.

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danlb_2000Sep 25, 2015

Downtown Disney has really gone down hill, look at the derelicts sleeping on the sidewalk. ;)

WDWtravelerSep 24, 2015

Photo update as of Thursday, Sept 24. The expansion of Paradiso 37 is almost complete, with many sections now open. The original side deck now has a circular shaped outdoor extension, both overlooking the new ferry boat dock. At the back of the building, a new indoor/outdoor extension was built overlooking the lake. Much of this extension has "garage" type doors that open when the weather is comfortable. This photo was taken from the new ferry boat dock ramp. The west end of the building has another entrance: a circular tower, which matches the original entrance in the center of the building. Here a workman is installed a new menu board. The construction wall on the left surrounds the old Adventurer's Club, to be repurposed as Edison. Between this construction wall and this end of Paradiso 37, a narrow outdoor deck has opened for Paradiso 37. See photos below. Below is the narrow outdoor dining area at the west end of Paradiso 37, with the construction wall around Edison on the left. At the back of this narrow dining deck, there is a staircase leading to the temporary walkway built two years ago over the lake when construction was ongoing at The Landing. It is likely this will be an emergency escape staircase, not for general use. 111914

WDWtravelerSep 06, 2015

Photo update as of Sunday, Sept 4. A side deck of Paradiso 37 opened this week, with "garage" doors opening to the main dining room. This area has a standing bar countertop along the outer rail, overlooking the walkway. The entire building has a fresh coat of paint. The upper level is a dark beige, but appears almost white in this morning photo. Construction continues in the back and on the lakeside of the building.

dstrawn9889Apr 06, 2015

circular feature with NO WINDOWS on the level that we can see above the walls... so storage above a large party table?

WDWtravelerApr 06, 2015

Photo update as of Saturday, Apr 4. The construction walls were moved back this week from the front of Paradiso 37, opening a small area for drinks and dining, next to the primary walkway through The Landing. In the two photos below, you can see the roof frame for the water view extension on the right side of the building. The construction wall to the right surrounds The Hangar. A view from the "uphill" side of Paradiso 37, showing the extension wraps around the existing building. Overlooking the primary walkway is this circular feature.

PrincessNelly_NJMar 13, 2015

Good for them. I wish I loved the food as much as I love the atmosphere.

wdwmagicMar 13, 2015

PHOTOS - Disney Springs Paradiso 37 expansion update

RayTheFireflyDec 19, 2014

That would be awesome (Paradiso is my favorite place at DS)! But honestly I don't think they really need it. They already have a pretty large and very cool-looking bar. With more outdoor seating, I think they should be good to go! Of course if they added another bar or something, you won't see me complaining! :)

flyerjabDec 19, 2014

Is this an external expansion only? From reading up on this overall transformation, it has been hinted that some of the currently existing establishments may need to up their game to remain competitive. I assume this is in response to all of the new restaurants coming in. Wondering if a new bar or area for entertainment at Paradiso was included in this refurb.

LL2WDWDec 19, 2014

I've always thought they should take advantage of the water view. Glad to see this addition.

WDWtravelerDec 19, 2014

Photo update as of Friday, Dec 19. A close up of Paradiso 37 expansion. Similar to the wood beam foundation for The Hangar structure. Photo taken from the existing back deck. Lake is to the right.

RayTheFireflyDec 17, 2014

So that waitress there that told me this in May wasn't lying!