Recently reopened Narcoossee's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort to close for more equipment updates

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Narcoossee's food, drink, and new dining room - 2023
Posted: Friday September 15, 2023 8:55am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning September 17, 2023, Narcoossee's at Walt Disney World will be closed for additional equipment updates.

Despite only recently reopening from a major refurbishment, it appears that more work is needed to bring the restaurant up to full operational capacity.

Disney says that it expects Narcoossee's to reopen by mid-October 2023. Other dining locations at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa will remain available, including the signature dining favorite, Cítricos.

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monothingie14 days ago

I would hope that this change isn't to transition to a pre-fixe menu. At that point you might as well just shutter the doors to the place.

Horizons '8317 days ago

That’s too bad. Perhaps you were on an off night. I’ve eaten there 4 times since their reopening and it has been fantastic all 4 times. Servers are always great, some have been their for decades.

Superman6817 days ago

I was there last week. The food was mediocre at best, just as you say, and for the prices they charged, what a disappointment. The server was fantastic, but what a let down from the old restaurant it once was.

aladdin200717 days ago

I have yet to try Citricos , it looks really upscale yet still casual and comfortable, going to have to give it a try.

Nunu17 days ago

We were at GF yesterday, so we went to the Concierge desk to ask about this. We were told that there are a few construction issues (from the recent remodel), that need to be corrected.

monothingie17 days ago

🤷‍♂️ Our experience was different. Food was at best mediocre. Not counting V&A which is fantastic, Citricos is the better choice by a country mile at the GF.

Mizner9217 days ago

We’ve dined there several times since reopening. Different servers and sections each time. Nothing short of spectacular service and food. I would rank it toward the top of dining experiences in Disney and in our hometown…which is arguably the best ranked culinary cities in the nation.

monothingie17 days ago

The service was atrocious when we were there. Especially the bar. Perhaps they need to optimize some processes with new equipment.

DznyGrlSD17 days ago

I have a reservation for tomorrow night. I'm curious as to why they're closing. I'll ask but I won't hold my breath to get an answer.

JohnD17 days ago

They say "equipment updates". It wouldn't surprise me at all that certain equipment was on order and it hadn't arrived yet until now. Supply chain issues probably. So they re-opened with the existing equipment. But now that the new equipment has arrived, they need to close to swap it out. My workplace has personal experience. We ordered a courier vehicle more than a year ago. We still haven't received it. For the longest time we were told it was somewhere out in the ocean. Then it arrived at a port in Maryland. Now they can't find it. :rolleyes:

NotCalledBob17 days ago

Zootopia retheme. Nick-and-Judee's coming soon.

Sweet tears18 days ago

Thought the same

wdwmagic18 days ago

Surprising to see it close for another month after such a major refurb. Would be interesting to know exactly what the issue is.