Mickey’s Backyard BBQ closing at the end of the year

Aug 31, 2018 in "Mickey's Backyard BBQ"

Posted: Friday August 31, 2018 8:24am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Mickey’s Backyard BBQ will likely have it’s final performance on Dec 31 2018, as the resort moves ahead with Disney Vacation Club additions.

At this time Hoop Dee Doo will remain, and there are plans to bring a similar Backyard BBQ experience back at a later date.

Disney is yet to make any official announcements on any closures or DVC additions at Fort Wilderness.

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SpectroBroJan 04, 2019

It used to be seasonal but for the last 3 years or so it had been year-round.

twilight mitsukJan 03, 2019

Including emergency and work lights

twilight mitsukJan 03, 2019

I thought it was seasonal

mm52200Jan 03, 2019

BBQ was year round.

twilight mitsukJan 03, 2019

Was that done at the end of every mbbbq season

Indy_UKJan 03, 2019

They didn’t hang about

SpectroBroJan 03, 2019

All props, themeing, audio and lighting equipment have been removed. Tables have started to be removed and walls will be up soon.

twilight mitsukJan 03, 2019

What’s the status of the stage

"El Gran Magnifico"Jan 01, 2019


larryzJan 01, 2019

Yeah, and maybe a dinner show themed around a 1930's global exploration society...

"El Gran Magnifico"Jan 01, 2019

Hope it comes back bigger and better than before. I enjoy the dinner shows. I think Disney should have a few more. I'd love to see a Victorian Era styled show at the GF, and/or a Speakeasy/Prohibition type show on the Boardwalk (not necessarily talking a gangster theme - although some elements would be alluded to). I think there is a lot they could do with those.

Chars0704Jan 01, 2019

I hope it comes back. These videos make me sad. We went during my daughter’s first trip and it was her favorite thing. We planned on going back 😔. Hopefully it comes back in some form. Thanks for posting!

brb1006Jan 01, 2019

mimitchi33Jan 01, 2019

I didn't know they still did this. I thought it ended years ago!