PHOTOS - A look at the new Walt Disney World solar powered McDonald's

Jul 01, 2020 in "McDonald's All Star Resorts area"

2020 Walt Disney World Solar Powered McDonald's overview

Walt Disney World's McDonald's reopened yesterday following a complete 9 month rebuild from the ground up.

The most striking feature is without doubt the huge solar array spanning the entire roof structure - the cornerstone of the building's drive to be energy and resource efficient.

The structure resembles a large wing shape, and every inch of it is covered in solar panels. Even the parking lot lights are individually solar powered.

The McDonald's features a large covered outdoor dining area alongside indoor space, and it even features its own zen spa-like background soundtrack.

Inside the restaurant, there is minimal contact with employees. Ordering takes place using touch screens or your own device, and food is delivered to your table via RFID tags placed on the table.

The interior is meticulously clean - it feels more like a retail space than a restaurant. This is without doubt a next generation McDonald's and exactly what is needed during the current COVID-19 crisis.

As before, the restaurant has a large drive-thru area, including Mobile Order pickup.

Every aspect of the building is based around saving energy and resources, and there is even a pair of outdoor stationary bikes that let you plug in a phone and charge it up with pedal power.

Click the gallery for more pictures from the new Walt Disney World McDonald's.

The new Walt Disney World McDonald's is located just outside of the All Star Resorts, and is open 24 hours a day.

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Article Posted: Jul 01, 2020 / 9:03am ET
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Hockey89Sep 07, 2020

I do. The burgers are horrid. Fries are fine. I wouldn’t kick them out bed.

GimpYancIentSep 07, 2020

All of you have made me hungry! I need to get some McDonalds now.

Figments FriendSep 07, 2020

And the beef fat they spray on those fries for 'flavor enhancement', not making them suitable for vegatarians or vegans. ;) There was a famous lawsuit about that...some years ago.... -

John park hopperSep 07, 2020

Fries are good but that's about it. Remember the pink slime

Hockey89Sep 07, 2020

Imagine liking McDonald’s.

GimpYancIentSep 07, 2020

Building? What's important is that I can get my double quarter pounder w bacon, large fries and milk shake there. It's about the food fix not a building!

halltdSep 06, 2020

The first was an architectural statement in itself...and fit the time. Unfortunately for that style, it didn't age well. I love the new one more than I can even say. First, I love modern, and this is crazy awesome. But, most importantly is what the design and building say about architecture and how it should be sustainable. If this location truly ends up being net zero, that's a huge thing. Especially being the first net zero fast food restaurant. We are lucky to have this! Thanks for the article, @lazyboy97o !

John park hopperSep 06, 2020

I'll take the original design over this IMO ugly design any day of the week. Looks like some corp. headquarters bland run of the mill building.

lazyboy97oSep 06, 2020

larryzJul 14, 2020

Super cool.

Jon81ukJul 09, 2020

Depends on what Coronovirus legislation your state has put in place. From the sound of it your state regulartions are banning restaurants at the moment. Over here in the UK restaurants and bars could open up from last weekend, but waited service is encouraged and tables must be distanced. Plus the venue should take a register of everyone eating inside in case one person shows Covid symptons then everyone can be notified (Track and Trace). So as yes McDonalds, KFC etc are still drive-thru or take out only with no toilets available (or delivery takeout with UberEats). A lot of McDonalds won't allow walk-up collection yet, its drive-thru only. Had my first KFC in months at the weekend and sat in the car to eat.

MisterPenguinJul 08, 2020

I hear it's super. And maybe even better than the parks.

allgigglesJul 07, 2020

FWIW, I think it's legal (but I'm not a lawyer). Just basing this on personal experience. When I was a teenager I worked at a take-out only restaurant -- we had no customer seating whatsoever. We did not have public restrooms and the owner would tell people who questioned it that restaurants only had to provide public restrooms if they had seating for customers. If it was only a take-out facility, they did not have to provide public restrooms. I know she would refer to the specific regulation but I don't remember what it was. Fast forward to today, my daughter works at a Starbucks. They currently (due to COVID-19 restrictions) do not have indoor or outdoor seating (their chairs and tables are in storage). Customers can go through the drive-thru, place mobile orders for pick up at the door or drive-thru, and up to 5 customers can be in the building at one time to place/pick-up orders. They do not have their bathrooms open for the public (and have signs on the front door and in the space indicating that, yet people try to move boxes and chairs to get to the restrooms). The manager told the employees that as long as they don't provide seating, they will not have their bathrooms open for the public as they are not required to provide public restrooms unless they have customer seating.

WondersOfLifeJul 03, 2020

I have no idea.