PHOTOS - Gelateria Toscana construction at EPCOT's Italy pavilion

Jan 29, 2021 in "Gelateria Toscana"

Gelateria Toscana construction - January 26 2021
Posted: Friday January 29, 2021 9:16am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction is continuing on Gelateria Toscana at EPCOT's Italy pavilion, with more exterior finishing details being added.

The pre-fabricated building was brought onto the site in two sections, and exterior details are continuing to be added.

No word yet from the pavilion's dining participant Patina, or Disney, on when Gelateria Toscana will open and what we can expect from its menu line-up.

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skimbob5 days ago

Yeah some walls down in Epcot. I know it is not huge but every wall counts. Now if we could just get some walls down in the front of the park.

RSoxNo15 days ago

So, likely had its last day of operation on Wednesday?

mhochman5 days ago

There's also two places to buy beer and pretzels about 50 feet away from each other in Germany...and both always have a line.

kevlightyear5 days ago

For the map nerds.... Old: New: The Gelati cart on the other side of the pavilion was also removed from the map.

dreday35 days ago

Makes sense!

MisterPenguin5 days ago

From a live stream yesterday (Thursday)... it's closed.

CastAStone5 days ago

It was still open when I was there on Tuesday.

Giss Neric5 days ago

For something that is permanently there, their food and drinks (presentation wise) looks like it was bought from one of the festivals.

RSoxNo15 days ago

When did that close?

Jabbas5 days ago

They did a really good job with the theming. Can’t wait to try it!

FigmentsFangirl5 days ago

Ahuh, thought so. I knew that area felt familar from the shots recently taken of the opening. There used to be a Kim Possible and Perry stop there, the stop by Intrernational Gateway I am guessing is still a pin traders location ?

CastAStone5 days ago

This is what Google Maps shows in that location previously.

FigmentsFangirl5 days ago

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasnt this a Kim Possible stop that was turtned into a pin traders "outpost" ?

J45466 days ago

My optimistic outlook has me thinking maybe they didnt put this inside the pavilion because they have plans for that big open space/expansion area?