Gelateria Toscana construction continues at EPCOT'S Italy pavilion

Mar 18, 2021 in "Gelateria Toscana"

Gelateria Toscana construction - March 15 2021
Posted: Thursday March 18, 2021 11:57am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction is continuing on La Gelateria at EPCOT's Italy pavilion, with more paint finish detail being added to the exterior.

The pre-fabricated building was brought onto the site in two sections, earlier in the year.

Still no word yet from the pavilion's dining participant Patina, or Disney, on when La Gelateria will open and what we can expect from its menu line-up.

The new eatery is located on the far right side of the Italy pavilion on previously unused space.

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castlecake2.06 hours ago

Noticed this the other day too

PrinceCharming61717 hours ago

That's another good one I'll add to my list. I've also got "They are being forced to eat Gelatos at gunpoint".

MisterPenguin20 hours ago

Maybe... Florida is hot?

PrinceCharming61721 hours ago

Every time I see the line for this place it is huge. So it's either good or there are a lot of people craving something new.

mandstaft10 days ago

Luca is different but beautiful! Worth part of a trip to Italy.

doctornick10 days ago

I know it's naïve, but I'm hoping that Luca is so popular and well received that they'd fast track a ride based on that movie in this location. The images of the movie make it feel like it would be a reasonable fit for WS (as far as IPs go, which we know is the mandate)

MisterPenguin25 days ago

Don't be fooled. This isn't the final form of the gelato stand. Once this avatar is defeated, the Final Kiosk will appear!!

FigmentFan8225 days ago

Magic Feather25 days ago

It could be even better if they decided to move the Italy Festival Booth over there to free up the waterfront.

gerarar25 days ago

I know. But it was there for years and years. It died so the gelateria can live.

FigmentFan8225 days ago

why RIP? now you have a larger gelato place with more food options on the other side

castlecake2.026 days ago

Let this forever be remembered as the day that a piece of clutter was removed from the World showcase Promenade. I’m 1000% surprised they didn’t turn it into a pin shop/wine kiosk/anything booth.

skimbobMay 07, 2021

Yeah some walls down in Epcot. I know it is not huge but every wall counts. Now if we could just get some walls down in the front of the park.