PHOTOS - La Gelateria at the Italy pavilion takes shape as main building is installed overnight

3 days ago in "La Gelateria"

La Gelateria construction - January 12 2021

The new eatery coming to the Italy pavilion appeared overnight after being brought to EPCOT via truck yesterday.

Located on the far right side of the pavilion, the new location will be a walk-up window, likely replacing some of the carts that have popped up across the Italy pavilion in recent years.

Disney, or the pavilion's restaurant operator Patina, is yet to make an announcement on the new location.

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Article Posted: Jan 12, 2021 / 11:19am ET
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castlecake2.01 day ago

I see what you’re saying, and agree, I just feel they got the look of the building wrong. It looks prefabbed and plopped there and doesn’t look “real”. How they added in the smoker area out front of regal eagle looks like it belongs, like you describe in your picture, as an out kitchen almost. The fife and drum building just looks too fake to me, especially with its break room-like unthemed interior.

EricsBiscuit1 day ago

Isn’t one of their new movies coming out in Italy? Hopefully it does well so they can build an attraction in the pavilion. I love Italy!

EricsBiscuit1 day ago

I went to Mt Vernon last week. It’s almost out of frame but the kitchen is actually to the right when facing the mansion and the Potomac. There are also other ancillary buildings to the left out of frame. Further, the slave quarters are behind me to the left by the garden. The store house to the right of me. Paint shop and other buildings to the right of that. Point is: big mansions from the 18th century had many buildings attached or just a stone’s throw away, especially kitchens.

Magic Feather2 days ago

Based on looks, I just wish they would have pushed it ~15 ft back.

Animaniac93-983 days ago

Taco Bell will be a great addition to World Showcase!

PhantomTeaMistress9993 days ago

They need to do an authentic Italian bakery (il panificio/pasticceria) in the actual pavilion. That is the one thing that is missing for me.

Prototype823 days ago

I totally get what you're saying about scale. It has a tiny faux 2-story behind it that doesn't seem to match the sizing of the building next to it at all. It's not terrible... lol Reserving judgement to see if landscaping can ground it in place. Is that some kind of pedestal and garden wall between it and the original building? Might help. We'll see?

J45463 days ago

my hope is that theyre saving the empty inside area of the pavilion for a venice canal style ride or something

aladdin20073 days ago

well it is what it is, could have been worse, just turn around and look out at the lagoon. :banghead:

gerarar3 days ago

Some close up pictures of the front over the walls: Source from BlogMickey:

castlecake2.03 days ago

Looks similar to how they installed the turkey leg house at america, has that prefab look and un themed interior and doesn’t quite fit the scale properly. The one in America always bothered me because it fits the theme, but doesn’t fit the story. Why would this grand house have a little playhouse in its front yard? Would have looked better if it were designed as a stable or work shed or something. Am I making sense? Lol

UNCgolf4 days ago

That's the only upside -- beyond the fact that more gelato is good and they should have had one in Italy a long time ago -- that it's not out on the main thoroughfare. It still would have made far more sense to actually put it inside the pavilion, which has an entire empty side and needs more.

MisterPenguin4 days ago

This stand is taking over a place that wasn't being used for traffic to begin with. And most importantly, it's not lakeside.