PHOTOS - La Gelateria at the Italy pavilion takes shape as main building is installed overnight

Jan 12, 2021 in "La Gelateria"

La Gelateria construction - January 12 2021
Posted: Tuesday January 12, 2021 11:19am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new eatery coming to the Italy pavilion appeared overnight after being brought to EPCOT via truck yesterday.

Located on the far right side of the pavilion, the new location will be a walk-up window, likely replacing some of the carts that have popped up across the Italy pavilion in recent years.

Disney, or the pavilion's restaurant operator Patina, is yet to make an announcement on the new location.

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HauntedPirate27 days ago

I’m sure they are just waiting for the right moment to showcase their ingenuity for the sign on Instagram.

Obobru28 days ago

How long before opening do Olive Garden usually install the signs? Can't wait to see those on the front of this.

MisterPenguinMar 07, 2021

What's more American that pizza at the Jersey Shore? Or, maybe it should go to BoardWalk.

MansionButler84Mar 07, 2021

I’m looking forward to the Detroit-themed ice cream cart coming to The American Adventure to diversify the architecture.

Prototype82Mar 03, 2021

And Via Napoli is Florentine architecture. While the pavilion is heavily Venetian, it's a bit of a blend.

EricsBiscuitMar 02, 2021

To be fair, it is the Italy Pavilion.

RambozoMar 02, 2021

The building fits in perfectly with the rest of the pavilion. Disney has been plusing things very nicely in Epcot like with Norway and France.

castlecake2.0Feb 26, 2021

With some good landscaping it could look good

Magic FeatherFeb 26, 2021

It's where they store the amontillado ever since the basement got... full.

MisterPenguinFeb 26, 2021

Is the second floor a jail?

gerararFeb 26, 2021

To reference what the poster before me is talking about β€” appears to be a Fountain being constructed on the left: Also themeing elements finished on roof of structure: A look from the last update, metal/black grates and stonework added since then. Source and more pics:

J4546Feb 26, 2021

its nice that it looks like theyre putting a little fountain in there with what looks like some seating area

jagiord1Feb 25, 2021

We'll see how Luca does? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ