Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort closing for refurbishment this summer

Jun 03, 2022 in "Kona Cafe"

Posted: Friday June 3, 2022 1:54m ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort will be closing for a refurbishment beginning August 15 2022.

Reservations are still available through August 14, Kona's final day of operation before refurbishment. During the closure of Kona, Kona Island will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner via Mobile Order in My Disney Experience.

There is no word yet on what the changes will be made, or how long Kona Cafe will be closed. The restaurant is currently listed as closed through at least September 1 2022, but the actual closure is likely much longer.

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DisneyDebRobNov 08, 2022

Says everyone at every Disney restaurant.

larryzNov 08, 2022

Well, I'm glad to see the menu showing some variety from breakfast through lunch to dinner. The prices would make me think twice about eating there, though.

BocabearNov 07, 2022

Don't challenge them... they probably will...

JoeCamelNov 06, 2022

Can you make a mickey waffle any smaller?

Figments FriendNov 06, 2022

The refreshed Kona Cafe looks very nice. Really like that painted design decor on the ceiling and the new entrance area. My only quibble would be that it would have been preferred that they kept the wall sculptures. However, I can understand their removal as some were damaged or showed obvious wear and tear from kids 'exploring' the woodwork with their table knives. Interested to hear some reviews of the current menu items. Still the same, or have items been shrunken in size / had ingredients changed? -

mboeNov 06, 2022


Basil of Baker StreetNov 03, 2022

Chef Mickey's has always felt like it was in the middle of an airport concourse to me.

JustInTimeNov 03, 2022

This is a fantastic upgrade.

UNCgolfNov 03, 2022

Yeah, when we went over to the Contemporary last time we were there the middle concourse gift shop was completely empty except my GF and I. She did find a piece of merchandise she wanted there, though, that was sold out at World of Disney and everywhere else she looked.

castlecake2.0Nov 03, 2022

Especially because both shops always seem half empty

phillip9698Nov 02, 2022

I always thought that gift shop was awkward and made what is supposed to be a deluxe property seem cheap. That has no place in a $700 per night hotel.

Centauri Space StationNov 02, 2022

The lobby and restaurant was done in 2006

disneyC97Nov 02, 2022

And update Chef Mickey’s which matches the 90s overhaul they just removed from the lobby and lobby restaurant.

James AlucobondNov 02, 2022

Just that, some floating furniture, and new flooring would help immensely.