PHOTOS - Isle of Java coffee kiosk opens at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Dec 16, 2014 in "Isle of Java"

Posted: Tuesday December 16, 2014 11:34am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new coffee kiosk is now open at Disney's Animal Kingdom on Discovery Island.

Isle of Java is located next to Flame Tree Barbecue on Discovery Island, and serves coffee and a variety of baked goods, including cupcakes, brownies, danish and pastries. A specialty Island Cappuccino drink can be yours for $7.25 which includes white chocolate and spiced rum. Most items are available on the Disney Dining Plan.

Isle of Java is open from park opening to park close, including Extra Magic Hours.

The new kiosk is a permanent home to the former Isle of Java cart that was located near the tip board on Discovery Island.

Click the gallery for more photos, including the menu.

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Cmdr_CrimsonMar 02, 2016

Hmmm..Seems strange it opened just a few months ago...Wonder if it's going to change to a Booze Bar & BBQ...

WDWtravelerMar 02, 2016

Photo update as of Tuesday, March 1. The Isle of Java near Flame Tree Barbeque is surrounded by construction walls again.

pugDec 23, 2014

Yes it is and the coffee kiosk has treats like donuts and stuff like that:)

Mouse_TrapDec 23, 2014

Glad to hear it's decent fresh(ish) coffee these days. Memories of instant Nescafe junk are obviously deeply scared into me. Just seeing the pots, unless the are clearly labelled it's not obvious that someone hasn't mixed up a gallon of instant either.

Disney AnalystDec 23, 2014

As someone who has worked in Quick Service Food and Beverage, before Starbucks opened, all coffee at Disney was switched to Joffrey's. No one insinuated they were Joffrey's locations... But all Coffees are fresh brewed into giant coffee cambros. Filter, beans, and all. By Joffrey's.

BairstowDec 22, 2014

Looks pretty good. Love the frog lattice on the window. So what's going into the old Creature Comforts? Is that still going to be a Starbucks?

WDWtravelerDec 22, 2014

Isle of Java coffee kiosk at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Close up of window detail. Photos as of Monday, Dec. 22. Side view with new landscaping and bench in front of kiosk.

Thumper 32Dec 18, 2014

Actually no, that menu isn't like the Joffrey's locations. Because it isn't a Joffrey's, it's Disney. Look at the receipt, the cups, the lack of the trademark Joffrey's giant donuts, the absence of the special holiday lattes that all the other Joffrey's have right now, etc, etc. The coffee itself may be Joffrey's product (not sure), but the stand is not a Joffrey's run location like the many others around property.

dreamfinderDec 17, 2014

That menu is pretty much on par with the other Joffrey's locations on property. I think Joffrey's sticks to the coffee basics that most people know and that they can crank out pretty fast. And no, it's not instant. They do their own roasting, sourcing, blending etc. Any coffee on property that isn't from a Starbucks branded location, or Kona cafe (I think, maybe all of Poly?) is now Joffrey's instead of Nescafe. Which means the CS CMs now get to deal with large carafes instead of the push button machines they had in the past.

RSoxNo1Dec 17, 2014

This menu is very similar to what was at the old coffee location.

HakunamatataDec 17, 2014

Good point.

Little Green MenDec 17, 2014

Iced coffee? I drink that even in winter when it's freezing out.

HakunamatataDec 17, 2014

Maybe they will turn it into a snow cone kiosk during the summer. I just don't see coffee being that popular all day long in July and August.

Mouse_TrapDec 17, 2014

Thank god it's not another Starbucks! However, that's a pretty limited coffee menu, I hope the one just listed as 'Coffee' isn't instant.