Ghirardelli samples return to Disney Springs for at least a while

Jan 21, 2019 in "Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop"

Posted: Monday January 21, 2019 8:17am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The free samples as you enter the Disney Springs Marketplace Ghirardelli store are back again, at least temporarily.

Ghirardelli had stopped handing out the free samples as part of a new corporate policy, but it appears that in recent days it has reversed that decision, at least at the Disney Springs store. 

Apparently a large number of complaints prompted the reversal, but it isn't clear how long the samples will continue.

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The Grand InquisitorSep 10, 2019

That's pretty awesome!

Texas84Sep 10, 2019

I got some 'free' milk chocolates at Pop. Don't know if they do that for everyone or if it was a 'sorry' for the poor customer service.

The Grand InquisitorSep 08, 2019

I went here 2 weeks ago during my trip. I got the crissy field cookie bits sundae. It was delicious! One of the best ice cream sundae's I have ever had!

Disstevefan1Jun 26, 2019

YaY !!! There is nothing better than getting free chocolate while on your WDW vacation!!!

OG RunnerJun 26, 2019


n2hifiJun 26, 2019

Was at Disney Springs last week and they were handing out Milk Chocolate Caramel squares.

MarkTwainMar 14, 2019

I was at the Disney Springs location 2 weeks ago and still got handed the peppermint bark chocolate. It was pretty clearly Christmas - themed chocolate, so maybe they're just getting rid of all their leftover samples, but at least they have some for now.

TrainsOfDisneyMar 08, 2019

For what it’s worth, the Ghirardelli store in Monterey California was still giving out free samples as of yesterday.

Dead2009Feb 25, 2019

They wanted it to be a decision by Disney so they could openly complain about it.

DisneyCaneFeb 25, 2019

Nor Disney springs as of yesterday. What they should do is provide samples for a few minutes at random times. Then they'll get people checking all day but give away a lot less product.

Magic FeatherFeb 15, 2019

They were not doing samples at DCA as of two days ago.

ABQFeb 15, 2019

Interesting, as wasn't it said they ceased samples at the Disneyland Downtown Disney location. Good to see the samples still flow on the east coast.

wdwmagicFeb 15, 2019

The free samples are still happening - currently Peppermint Bark.

TrainsOfDisneyFeb 09, 2019

A company can choose to give away samples or not, but when you’ve built up your brand as offering free samples as a policy at your stores it’s a pretty major decision to reverse course. In the business world the samples should be take out of the marketing budget, cause that’s what it really is. Not just marketing the product being sampled, but also marketing the brand and “store experience” as a whole.