Grand Floridian's Garden View Tea Room closing for refurbishment from today

Jun 30, 2014 in "Garden View Tea Room"

Posted: Monday June 30, 2014 8:07am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Garden View Tea Room at Disney's Grand Floridian is closing today to begin a near 8 week refurbishment.

The scheduled closure dates are June 30 through to August 29, reopening to guests on August 30 2014.

During the closure, the My Disney Girl's Perfectly Princess Tea Party will be relocated to Citricos restaurant at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.

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BLYJul 01, 2014

I have a reservation for afternoon tea on the 1st August, hope its still on as it was a birthday present for my Auntie and our excuse to escape the kids / husbands for a couple of hours!

71jasonJun 30, 2014

The rooms in the main building are being refurbed, as well. Surprisingly Fourth of July is actually a "slow" week for the Grand, as there are no conventions in town.

cheshirecakes33Jun 30, 2014

I made a group reservation in March for the regular afternoon tea for 18 people for August 30th. They did not mention anything about menu changes to me and I had to choose a set menu for my group in advance.

BocabearJun 30, 2014

Wow that is nuts...Though if all your child wants to do is meet Princesses, it would save you a day's admission to the park and get you a lot more face time than the other Meet & Greet opportunities... blechhh

dreamfinderJun 30, 2014

The kids do get "gifts" included in that cost. Princesses receive: A special 18-inch My Disney Girl doll dressed in a Princess Aurora gown plus accessories A ribbon tiara Silver Princess link bracelet Fresh rose Special princess scrapbook page "Best Friend" certificate for their new My Disney Girl doll Each young prince who attends will receive a plush Duffy the Disney Bear, a pin, Pirate Mickey Ears and a regal crown. And the $250 is for an adult and child, and they do get a visit from Princess Aurora as well. I can't wager the prices aren't that different than what one would pay at an American Girl cafe, with a bit of Disney markup.

BocabearJun 30, 2014

That is more expensive than Victoria and Albert's... Is this a private audience Tea Party? I have never heard of this...

Sans SouciJun 30, 2014

My guess is they are keeping the Tea Party open as it $250 per adult and child, $165 for each additional child and $85 pp over 12. The incentive is there to keep that open over the Afternoon Tea.

ToTBellHopJun 30, 2014

They are open year round. Summer is the perfect time for resort work if they aren't completely booked up. Be happy there are few rides closed. Busy times are perfect for work like this that only indirectly affects guests. Can't do all of the work in January/February...unless they just want to close for those two months.

kane47Jun 30, 2014

Are they keeping it a tea room? I really hope they are. One of the most underrated relaxing thing to do at disney world

kane47Jun 30, 2014

Will they also still serve afternoon tea at citricos or just have the tea party?

Sans SouciJun 30, 2014

Boo. I have reservations for the August 16th. Gee, I wonder why they're keeping the Prince$$ Tea Party open?

TheRabbitJun 30, 2014

I think January is the worst. Walls up everywhere, every year, same thing.

ninjaprincesstJun 30, 2014

Is it just me or does it seem like Disney waited for the busiest times of year and they are refurbing stuff everywhere. It almost seems like there is not one single hotel that won't be under some sort of refurb.

BocabearJun 30, 2014

They actually need a larger tea room as this is frequently sold out....2 months seems a long time to refurbish a smallish room off the lobby..Wonder what they are up to?