Epcot's Garden Grill Restaurant rotation resumes at The Land Pavilion

Jun 16, 2014 in "Garden Grill Restaurant"

Posted: Monday June 16, 2014 4:46pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Garden Grill Restaurant in Epcot's Land Pavilion is once again rotating.

One of Future World's more interesting restaurants has been stationary for a couple of months, fueling internet chatter that the restaurant would become stationary. Starting today however, the restaurant has resumed turning, once again giving guests a view inside the various scenes of the Living with the Land boat ride attraction.

Also new at the restaurant is new flooring, which is being replaced in sections, with the first part already complete.

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RSoxNo1Jun 27, 2014

Is Play Now putting something in your food?

GoofyPalWaltJun 26, 2014

For 10% I'll be your witness.

dadddioJun 26, 2014

It's simply the obverse of the rabid fawning that goes on around here.

jakemanJun 26, 2014

You guys obsessing over the credibility of "insiders" like it's the Manhattan project is hilarious.

asianwayJun 26, 2014

At best he's 3rd shift janitorial at north service. At best

cw1982Jun 25, 2014

Lol... affect ;)

dadddioJun 25, 2014

Unfortunately, people will always remember that they heard that KFC turned the girl away and never that the story was bogus, so it will effect (affect? A little help here!) KFC's business. It's just like the Heineken dog fighting thing.

CommunicoreJun 25, 2014

"My neck, my back! My neck and my back! Ohh...I want a hundred and fifty THOUSAND! But we can settle out of court right now, for twenty bucks!"

dadddioJun 25, 2014

Now that it looks like the child's family lied about the whole thing, one wonders what will happen.

ABQJun 25, 2014

Better food at the GF Café anyway. Smart choice.

GoofyPalWaltJun 25, 2014

So the word is that it is now working. I've already changed my reservation to GF Café for that night and I'm not changing back!

piglet1Jun 25, 2014

Who wants to join me in a rousing chorus of "Let it Go! Let it GO!"

AlektronicJun 25, 2014

That's a big problem there, most CM's don't know (or even care) what's going on in their own department and as well as the other different departments.

AlektronicJun 25, 2014

I know. he has never answered my questions on several posts because he may have to actually provide some facts which, of course, he doesn't have.