'Ferrytale Fireworks - A Sparkling Dessert Cruise' returns September 18

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Posted: Tuesday September 14, 2021 12:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'Ferrytale Fireworks: A Sparkling Dessert Cruise' makes a return to the Seven Seas Lagoon beginning September 18 2021.

Taking place on select Wednesday and Saturday nights beginning September 18, 2021, admission is $99 for adults and $69 for children ages 3 to 9.

Bite-size signature treats include KABOOM! Cupcakes and Rocket Burst Popcorn Push Ups to Red Velvet Wow! Pie and Grand Finale Key Lime Tarts. Specialty drinks are included—either with or without alcohol—themed to the sparkling, shooting stars of the fireworks. An ultraviolet scavenger hunt takes place onboard for the kids.

The ferry boat will set sail 50 minutes prior to 'Happily Ever After; during September, or 'Disney Enchantment' during October. Reservations are open now.

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zulemara10 days ago

For the record: 1. The potter was designed to be used for cruises. That’s why it has a bathroom on board and used to have a built in bar 2. 3 ferries are only put into operation at the open rush and at fireworks exit. Typically shortly before fireworks is when the third ferry is being fired up to go into service. There’s no decrease in guest service or transportation procedure as a result of this. I would have loved to be the pilot for one of these! I always tried to give guests a fireworks cruise if I could. I used to sync the music on my phone to wishes and hold the mic to my phone to play the music to the guests on the ferries hehe. Same with the cruisers.

Figments Friend10 days ago

Don't give them ideas..... :greedy: -

ThatMouse11 days ago

$100??? Are they going to charge you if you get on a ferry without a room reservation now? lol!

Vinnie Mac11 days ago

Yeah, It'll take awhile for me to want to see the show from anywhere else. Same situation with HEA. It took me awhile to be content with seeing it from anywhere else besides the front of the castle.

TransportationGuy11 days ago

The fleet is comprised of 3, so two will run continuously and the other will assist with departure when party guests have disembarked as necessary (based on capacity).

TrainChasers11 days ago

I used to run between illuminations and wishes like a crazy person every night of my vacation. If I got to ttc from Epcot too late, I’d hop the ferry and watch wishes from the boat as I crossed the lagoon. Once I was hopping from LaNouba to wishes by way of Wilderness Lodge (first bus that came to Downtown Disney)... missed getting in to the park but the boat captain went super slow and let us watch wishes from a perfect spot over the lagoon. What made Disney magical was these little extra surprises.

JohnD11 days ago

I don't know how many are in the fleet. It's possible one is set aside for the cruise while two others operate to get guests out of MK in the evening.

MansionButler8411 days ago

It is even more reliant on projections. I would never pay for any of these, especially not when the show is new. Let me get “tired” of seeing it from the middle of Main Street, first.

HauntedPirate11 days ago

That’s a relief. $24/person for that, I’m guessing? It should be at the top end of the LL attractions, particularly since it involves gator clearing.

DisneyDreamer0811 days ago

I’m assuming the new show will rely heavily on castle projections, like HEA. I’m guessing you can’t see any of that from the ferry?

MansionButler8411 days ago

There will be a Lightning (swim) Lane cleared of gators, but you can always chart your own course for free.

HauntedPirate11 days ago

Whew. I was concerned my preferred method of traversing SSL was going away.

MansionButler8411 days ago

Swimming will be free. You weren’t guaranteed anything more than this.

HauntedPirate11 days ago

Unless I’m misreading this, they are taking a ferry out of regular service for this upcharge thing? Just asking. You all know how I feel about upcharge events already. 😉 (And yes, I did a HEA dessert party. Once.)