'Ferrytale Fireworks - A Sparkling Dessert Cruise' returns September 18

Sep 14, 2021 in "Ferrytale Fireworks - A Fireworks Dessert Cruise"

Posted: Tuesday September 14, 2021 12:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'Ferrytale Fireworks: A Sparkling Dessert Cruise' makes a return to the Seven Seas Lagoon beginning September 18 2021.

Taking place on select Wednesday and Saturday nights beginning September 18, 2021, admission is $99 for adults and $69 for children ages 3 to 9.

Bite-size signature treats include KABOOM! Cupcakes and Rocket Burst Popcorn Push Ups to Red Velvet Wow! Pie and Grand Finale Key Lime Tarts. Specialty drinks are included—either with or without alcohol—themed to the sparkling, shooting stars of the fireworks. An ultraviolet scavenger hunt takes place onboard for the kids.

The ferry boat will set sail 50 minutes prior to 'Happily Ever After; during September, or 'Disney Enchantment' during October. Reservations are open now.

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ToTBellHopOct 11, 2023

But why isn’t there a separate price for 10- to 20-year olds?!

DCBakerOct 11, 2023

Walt Disney World has lowered the price for children on this fireworks cruise - the price is now set at $80, tax and gratuity included (previously $100).

TheMaxReboJun 29, 2023

That would be a big upgrade over what was offered prior. While it was all you care to drink, top shelf it was not

DisneyDebRobJun 29, 2023

Maybe a violinist on one cruise..and Steve Vai on another for me. I would still think about whether to shell out that kind of money. Wow it’s getting crazy with pricing for almost everything.

ToTBellHopJun 28, 2023

They better offer top-shelf liquor to my 10-year olds for $130, too. If they chill out, I can chill out. That might be worth $520…

Weather_LadyJun 28, 2023

What justifies a 30% price increase!? There better be top-shelf liquor, lobster tails and a violinist on board if they want my business. ;)

surfsupdonJun 28, 2023

They will still pay for it. Too bad.

AylaJun 28, 2023

A private fireworks cruise on a rented pontoon could end up being cheaper for a lot of families.

TheMaxReboJun 27, 2023

We've done this in the past and enjoyed it - was a nice break from the Main St crowds and was fun to tour around the lake. They had a scavenger hunt game for the kids and plenty of drinks and snacks .... ... That said, another thing getting to a price point it is hard to justify, not sure I would pay this to do it again

mightynineJun 27, 2023

"May the Genie+ be ever in your favor, my child."

ToTBellHopJun 27, 2023

We had a spare knowing this day could come.

mightynineJun 27, 2023

Don't forget your first-born!

monothingieJun 27, 2023

This will definitely give them the extra $10B they're short on to buy the HULU.

monothingieJun 27, 2023

Well we all know Disney can't sell movie tickets or D+ subscriptions, so take that consumers of the last salvageable vestige of this empty hulk of a once great company!