The Spork returns to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios

24 days ago in "Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo"

Visitors to Batuu at Disney's Hollywood Studios can once again get their hands on the infamous spork.

As of March 17 2021, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is now selling the spork for $10.99, which includes a travel bag. You can get yours inside the park via Mobile Order, although there is a quantity limit of one per guest per transaction.

The sporks origins at Galaxy's Edge go back to the opening days at Disneyland, where it was the default eating implement for travelers. It quickly became a collectible item, and ultimately moved to something that had to be purchased. Since then availability has been limited.

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Article Posted: Mar 17, 2021 / 9:07am ET
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Kamikaze15 days ago

Thats a bad joke because silverware is cutlery, not crockery.

Kamikaze15 days ago

Yes, but the openings in the top of the trash cans were too small to fit the reusable containers. They thought of that part at least. Obviously not possible to make the openings too small to put the sporks in as well.

JohnD15 days ago

It’s a joke which apparently sailed over your head. Crockery. Crock.

Jon81uk15 days ago

Not sure what the current price has to do with the previous issue of guests throwing away silverware. I was replying to a comment about guests throwing away the cutlary and wondering why when the food is also in a non-disposable container.

JohnD15 days ago

You’re right. A $11 metal spork. What a crock.

Jon81uk15 days ago

But the food was served in resuable dishes wasn't it? So were people throwing out the plates and dishes too? Surely the answer would be just to not have trash cans, place everything on tray stacks (like Ikea) and the washing-up team sort it out. I do think Disney should move to more use of washable crockery though instead of more and more disposable packaging.

aliceismad17 days ago

Rainbows and unicorns have been super popular with kids for the last several years now. It's like the second coming of Lisa Frank.

Archie12317 days ago

$10 for a misshaped metal spork. Oh brother! :rolleyes:

JohnD18 days ago

You can buy 1,000 plastic sporks from WalMart for a $1.00 more than a single spork from WDW.

Phonedave18 days ago

Not Disney flatware. I have two sets of that, and I hate to tell you how much that costs.

reptar7721 days ago

I remember when there was all the hubbub about people stealing these. That seems like a lifetime ago!

larryz22 days ago

You can buy a whole set of flatware for what Disney is charging for four of these sporks...

Crunchie923 days ago

Yeah, I have noticed lots of rainbows in Pixar films as of late. I should make up a scrap book of it.

MisterPenguin23 days ago

Kids love stickers.