Reservations now available for La Crêperie de Paris at Remy's Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT

Nov 29, 2021 in "La Crêperie de Paris"

La Crêperie de Paris exterior and dining room
Posted: Monday November 29, 2021 9:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Reservations are now open for the new La Crêperie de Paris at Remy's Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT.

The table service restaurant in the new expanded area of the French pavilion has been open for several months now, but has operated as a walk-up location, with first-come, first-served availability.

Reservations for breakfast, lunch and dinner can now be made in My Disney Experience or at the Disney website. The prix fixe menu is $33 per person.

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DobergeMay 26, 2022

We've been twice, but the first time was during Remi previews and soft opening when everything was only slowly being ramped up. We loved the place and the food (just eat from the middle out and use the filling that falls out with the edges). On our second visit in early March the service was not great. Drinks, salads, and soups were quick but crepes took so very long to get to the table. I get the impression that they prioritize the walk-up window because it probably makes money faster than a table can turn over. And, man, they're really not worried about turning over tables.

MisterPenguinMay 26, 2022

My Review: You get a lot of crepe. A lot. It's bigger than the plate, so, they fold the rounded edge over in four quadrants creating a square crepe on a round plate. You know what else would have worked? A smaller rounded crepe that fit the plate. But that doesn't encase the filling you say. Well, then, do a once fold over. Because the problem with the fourfold fold is that you have these pointy corners with two, or three, or even four layers of crepes. And the corners have no filling because all the filling was plopped in the center. And now you have thick crepe with no filling, which is the antithesis of the whole idea of a crepe. You know what plain crepe tastes like? How about four layers of plain crepe? It's not delicious. Being so thin, crepes can sometimes have a "bad mouth feel" (for me) in that it gets moist and starts feeling slimy because you can't just bite into it like one can with a waffle or a pancake. It squishes. I would have preferred a waffle to the crepe. So, for me, the crepe itself is kinda 'meh' and it's presentation exacerbates the issues I have with it. Just fold it over once like an omelette why donchya? The fillings were good. At the beginning of the week, the Creperie indoor seating was packed. Then in the past few days, it was empty. I asked the server and she said she thought they were tinkering with the number of reservations that the kitchen could keep up with. And so, I won't go again unless people I'm with have a hankering to try it out, well, then, ok.

ToTBellHopFeb 08, 2022

*it’s Britney, *itch!*

Epcot82GuyFeb 08, 2022

I'm not a McDonald's... not quite a restaurant... 🎶

TikibirdLandFeb 08, 2022

I LOVE Brittany Spears' waffles. She adds just the right amount of cinnamon to the batter!

BocabearFeb 08, 2022

Nailed It!

ToTBellHopFeb 08, 2022

It is supposed to evoke the charm of a Hilton Garden Inn hotel restaurant that has opened in the Brittany region. Be prepared for LONG lines at the waffle maker!

EPCOTCenterLoverFeb 08, 2022

It’s a charmless setting regardless of how good the food may or may not be.

Richie248Feb 08, 2022

Excited to finally try this place next month. The Prix Fixe menu seems like a decent value.

Centauri Space StationFeb 08, 2022

They taste nothing like paper to me but to each their own

Goofy NinjaFeb 07, 2022

I recommend Universal's Crepes. If you want to eat more than paper.

ToTBellHopFeb 07, 2022

I recommend IHOP. I bet there is a chocolate cherry Valentines special!

Goofy NinjaFeb 07, 2022

LOL, I know they are supposed to be thin, but they went too far with it. It's like eating cheap thin paper. There is no flavor at all.

ToTBellHopFeb 06, 2022

Those pancakes at Universal are good pancakes. They aren’t crepes.