PHOTOS - Cosmic Ray's exterior patio now enclosed and air-conditioned

Mar 17, 2014 in "Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe"

Posted: Monday March 17, 2014 9:54am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The exterior patio at the Magic Kingdom's busiest quick service restaurant has now been fully enclosed with glass walls.

The old patio area at Cosmic Ray's is now fully integrated into the main restaurant dining room, which provides a lot of additional indoor air-conditioned seating capacity. Click the gallery for more photos.

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Magic FeatherOct 19, 2020

Considering they added a bunch of covered outdoor seating on the Speedway side, I think they’re pretty happy with the call.

DisneyOutsiderOct 19, 2020

Probably not cracking the list of top 10 things that they're most worried about right now...

tired_photogOct 19, 2020

Given people’s desire to eat outdoors in the open air due to COVID I wonder if TDO now regrets enclosing all of Cosmic Ray’s? And would they ever consider changing it back? The terrace side facing the hub used to be a fantastic outdoor dining location.

ElusiveWookieeJun 10, 2014

I'm saddened by this. Cosmic Rays is my favorite place to eat in all of WDW, with the balcony overlooking the castle being my favorite seating. It was always a tradition to head over there right about 8:50, get our food, and watch part of the MSEP roll by as we listened to the waterfall with the castle changing colors in the background. :-/

dstrawn9889Jun 09, 2014

would have to be in 'todayland'

Matt_BlackJun 09, 2014

A Meet the Robinsons attraction would be AWESOME.

jt04Jun 09, 2014

Especially the speedway! The terrace should stay available and has similar views. Might even be improved once the hub work is done.

Mousemom67Jun 09, 2014

Amen, amen, AMEN!!! :D Our favorite place to sit was on that patio in the evening watching the lights on the castle and listening to the water. It was so relaxing, a sanctuary within the park. Never had much of a problem with heat, no problem at all with birds. Seems like the nice quieter spots are disappearing. Sad. :( Why attractions such as Stitch and the speedway remain I'll never understand. Just imagine the possibilities there (more food service space if that's what they're trying to do but personally I'd love a "Meet the Robinsons" ride - perfect for Tomorrowland).

BocabearApr 01, 2014

Actually I am sorry to admit it, but my partner and I laughed about that the first time we noticed it... and then noticed many others saying the same thing as they came into the bathroom...

sabbyxxoApr 01, 2014

But .. why? It's best to have both worlds, and you have a better view outside/cleaner air with the option of outdoor seating! I know my family, like many others, love to be outside because they always feel trapped inside all the time. This wasn't really the best idea.

MOXOMUMDMar 18, 2014

What total rubbish!

SoupBoneMar 17, 2014

I hope Sonny Eclipse gets a little love. The poor guy has legs that are too short for him to walk anywhere since his upper torso is enormous. Maybe they can get him an ECV.:D

ABQMar 17, 2014

I just hope they have a plan in place to keep the windows clean. Don't want to see it look like Odyssey does with slime and crud all built up. And that's on very tinted windows, these will be even more ugly.

epcot1980Mar 17, 2014

We will greatly miss the balcony there, as it was one of the few relaxing escapes in the park. We always go in the spring and it would usually be empty in the evening. It was a great place to find quiet, space and a great view of the castle and water sound, especially at dusk as the castle lighting becomes visible. We would always relax here while the kids to naps in their strollers. The food wasn't great, but that was why we went there. Now, not sure that we will again. This all being said, I can understand why they did it...precisely because the type of use I described was the only use it got, I guess. Time to find another escape, but they are tough to come by now.