EPCOT's Cool Wash under refurbishment

Sep 02, 2022 in "Refreshment Station"

Cool Wash refurbishment - September 2022
Posted: Friday September 2, 2022 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cool Wash in EPCOT's World Discovery is closed for refurbishment.

Located across from Test Track, the seasonally operated kiosk has previously served slushies under misters and cooling fans.

The view from the monorail shows the concrete floor has been ripped up.

No word yet on a reopening date or what changes are being made.

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zakattack99May 30, 2023

Neverminded I just saw the article on the main page.

SoFloMagicMay 29, 2023

Nice. Only took 11 months to turn an icee stand into an icee stand.

HauntedPirateMay 29, 2023

“It’s the same color and and has the same font as everything else we’ve put in around here!! THEMING!!!”

mystoMay 27, 2023

Imagine if park elements were designed and themed by public committee! The theming nerds would march on washington.

DCBakerMay 27, 2023

The moveable planters are gone at the Refreshment Station. Cast Members said if they were to open today it would be around 11am.

HauntedPirateMay 22, 2023

;) 🤫:cautious:

FoodRockzMay 22, 2023

To be fair, they don't know much of anything. ;)

HauntedPirateMay 22, 2023

Dummies know no time boundaries.

castlecake2.0May 20, 2023

Shade and seating… what a concept!

FoodRockzMay 20, 2023

What an encapsulation of the 90s. RIP

Mickeynerd17May 20, 2023

The same reason JIIWF has survived over 20 years.

cjkeatingMay 19, 2023

Honestly how this place has survived I'll never know.

SoFloMagicMay 16, 2023

And it was open about six times in that configuration.

Cmdr_CrimsonMay 14, 2023

The last time I ever saw this open was when it still had the Dummy theming and they were selling Frozen Cokes with Nerds sprinkles..