EPCOT's Cool Wash under refurbishment

Sep 02, 2022 in "Cool Wash"

Cool Wash refurbishment - September 2022
Posted: Friday September 2, 2022 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cool Wash in EPCOT's World Discovery is closed for refurbishment.

Located across from Test Track, the seasonally operated kiosk has previously served slushies under misters and cooling fans.

The view from the monorail shows the concrete floor has been ripped up.

No word yet on a reopening date or what changes are being made.

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tparrisSep 05, 2022

Good news! First photo was taken a few months ago, second photo was taken today.

SoFloMagicSep 04, 2022

Special limited-time activation for epcot40?

MagicHappens1971Sep 03, 2022

Yea considering this hasn’t even been open since before Covid, I don’t understand what they were waiting for. Especially since they had tables in there and now there’s literally 0 seating for the 4 nearby F&W booths.

Captain Culpepper ClineSep 03, 2022

Ive never seen tbis open

Jambo DadSep 03, 2022

I see what you did there.

James AlucobondSep 02, 2022

If this is the start of reworking all the World Discovery pavement, I'm cool with it.

Mickeynerd17Sep 02, 2022

It's heyday was with the original Test Track with the old colors and all the working effects. Now it's sort-of just there and doesn't fit with the new ride. I say either theme it appropriately and have it open for a decent amount of time or kill it.

rmwebsSep 02, 2022

The amount of time this things open makes it feel a bit pointless, may as well just get rid of it.

Lands of WonderSep 02, 2022

I want the old cool wash back with the current color scheme

SoFloMagicSep 02, 2022

Lol. Keep the icee stand closed for the hottest part of the year to remodel it in time for winter?