New look for Cookes of Dublin Famous Fish and Chips at Disney Springs

Mar 17, 2022 in "Cookes of Dublin"

New look Cookes of Dublin - March 2022
Posted: Thursday March 17, 2022 10:43am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cookes of Dublin at Disney Springs has a fresh new look just in time for Raglan Road's St Patrick's Week Mighty Festival.

The most striking feature of the new look is the large Fish & Chips sign at the front of the building. It is even lit with neon to give it more pop after dark.

The exterior has a new lighter color scheme with dark green accents.

Everything is the same on the inside, and all of your favorite dishes are still available, including the classic Fish and Chips and The Hog in a Box.

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DznyGrlSDMar 18, 2022

Did they bring back the deep fried snickers? No? GTFO then ;)

DinardoMar 18, 2022

I found Raglan Road to not be as great as some would suggest. 🤷🏼‍♂️. I know this article is about Cooke’s - I probably should’ve stuck with the fish and chips.

Epcot82GuyMar 17, 2022

I walked by the other day, and it was a bit surprising. It's quite large and a slight bit garish for the location. A bit Vegas. But it also draws attention (as I'm sure is the goal). So, in short, a good idea - if not my personal taste in execution.