PHOTOS - Newly refurbished Captain Cook's reopens at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Aug 13, 2014 in "Captain Cook's"

Posted: Wednesday August 13, 2014 6:33pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The newly refurbished Captain Cook's is now open at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

The resort's quick service restaurant has been refurbished throughout, with new flooring, wall coverings, chairs, artwork and light fixtures.

Other notable changes include the removal of the touch screen ordering system, the Dole Whip machine, and much of the baked goods selection. The grab and go case remains, with some cup cakes, ice creams, sandwiches and salads.

Each order is now taken by a cast member near the menu board, who issues the guest with a ticket, which is then taken, along with any other grab and go items to the register to pay.

Captain Cook's will soon be joined by a dedicated Dole Whip kiosk, and a new lounge - Trader Sam's.

We've got a photo tour around the new Captain Cook's in the gallery.

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LittleJMouseAug 15, 2014

When is the expected opening of the new kiosk? Will they be serving Tonga Toast? I didn't see it on the menu in pics.

ToTBellHopAug 15, 2014

I found them to be more problematic in the MK than at the deluxes. They were pretty short-lived at Pecos Bill.

wdwmagicAug 14, 2014

Yeah I never saw an issue with the touch screens, or had a problem myself. I thought it was a good addition. I'm surprised to see them gone.

tikimanAug 14, 2014

I think the touch screens were great and continue to work well at other resorts. Now you can get stuck behind the family of 57 at one ordering station and hope they type it in your order correctly since you can't do it yourself now.

LittleJMouseAug 14, 2014

When is the expected opening of the new kiosk? Will they be serving Tonga Toast? I didn't see it on the menu in pics.

nolatronAug 14, 2014

Was hoping they'd get rid of the weird behind each other both side cashier.... thing... or whatever you call it. Too many times have people cut in line to go to the 2nd cashier while the cashier is serving the other side while I'm standing there waiting my turn to go either to #1 or #2. Just a weird setup to me. I don't mind the dole whip going away... but where's the adult grilled cheese? :(

BoarderPhreakAug 14, 2014

No more Dole Whip machine? Nnnnooooooooo! :o This is an outrage! I blame the people with 20" Leaning Tower of Dole Whips for this.

wdwmagicAug 14, 2014

Dole Whip won't be back at Cook's. It will only be available at the new kiosk.

omuriceAug 14, 2014

Refurb looks nice! Good riddance touch screens -- Great in theory, and horrible in practice. Get in the wrong line and you were stuck behind someone ordering for a family of 57 carbo-loading for an Arctic expedition... "What is "Restart"? >bleep< >bleep< Ooops did I just start over AGAIN?" :mad: ps - Surprised about the Dole whip machine... hope they replace that soon.

MaxsDadAug 13, 2014

24 hour access to Dole Whip was one of my favorite things about this place. Hope it is not gone long.

imaklutz722Aug 13, 2014

No adult grilled cheese... What!?!