"Biergarten" Menus

World Showcase, Epcot

Dinner Menu
October 2020

  • Kids' Offerings (Child Ages 3-9 25.00)

  • Roasted Chicken
  • Hot Dogs
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Green Beans
  • Allergy-Friendly Offerings

  • Allergy-Friendly menus available upon request
  • Beer Selection

  • German Beer Flight (Four Pours - 5 oz each)
    Beck's Pilsner, Warsteiner Dunkel, König Ludwig Weissbier, and Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen

    Serving $15.00 
  • Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen (1/2 Liter or Liter)
    A unique combination of sparkling smooth hefeweizen with grapefruit juice. Refreshing well-rounded taste with tangy character and hints of sweetness that is pleasing to the palate. The world’s first unfiltered grapefruit hefeweizen-mix

    $10.50 – $16.00 
  • König Ludwig Weissbier (1/2 Liter or Liter)
    Bavarian hefeweizen wheat beer with a full-bodied lively taste perfectly balanced with complex fruit aromas

    $10.50 – $16.00 
  • Beck's Pilsner (1/2 Liter or Liter)
    Classic German lager beer with a distinctive full-bodied taste, fresh hoppy bouquet, golden color and full, rich head. Adding to its complexity is a slightly fruity but firm crispness and a dry, clean finish

    $10.50 – $16.00 
  • Warsteiner Dunkel (1/2 Liter or Liter)
    Classic German-style dark pilsner that has a deep chestnut brown hue with a smooth, toasty malt flavor and mocha aromas

    $10.50 – $16.00 
  • White Wines

  • German White Wine Flight (Three Pours 2-oz each)
    Villa Wolf Pinot Gris, J.H. Selbach Blue Label Riesling, and Valckenberg Madonna Riesling Spätlese

    Serving $16.00 
  • Villa Wolf Pinot Gris, Pfalz
    full-bodied and dry with refreshing, unoaked fruit and a crisp texture

    Bottle $45.00 Glass $11.00 
  • J.H. Selbach Blue Label Riesling, Mosel
    crisp aromas of lemon, white peach, and melon with a hint of mineral on the palate

    Bottle $49.00 Glass $12.00 
  • Dr. Loosen, Dr. L Riesling, Mosel
    lightly sweet, green apple and citrus flavors elegantly laced with racy acidity and minerality from steep slate slopes

    Bottle $49.00 Glass $11.00 
  • Valckenberg Madonna Riesling Spätlese, Rheinhessen
    silky sweet aromas with flavors of apple, peach, and spiced pear

    Bottle $45.00 Glass $12.00 
  • Red Wines

  • August Kesseler Pinot Noir Spätburgunder, Rheingau
    delicate, fine, light in style, and well structured with nice cherry flavors, a hint of black currant, and plenty of spice.

    Bottle $55.00 Glass $14.00 
  • Niersteiner Spiegelberg Dornfelder, Rheinhessen
    floral aromas with ripe flavors of slightly sweet cherries, raspberries, and plum

    Bottle $45.00 Glass $14.00 
  • Schnapps and Shots

  • Jägermeister
  • Bärenjäger Honey & Bourbon
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