Aristocrepes no longer offering crepes, moves to seasonal offerings

Nov 04, 2016 in "Aristocrepes"

Posted: Friday November 4, 2016 1:23pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Aristocrepes, located on the Marketplace causeway bridge at Disney Springs, is no longer serving its signature crepes.

Instead, the kiosk which opened in May 2016, now offers snacks including popcorn, Mickey-shaped pretzel, and beverages. Later this month it will transition to serving holiday items, including hot chocolate and cocktails.

If you are still looking for crepes, ahead to Amorette's in the Town Center for the following:

Caprese Crêpe
House-made Crêpe, Gourmet Tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella, Spring Greens and Balsamic Glaze

Ham and Cheese Crêpe
House-made Crêpe, Smoked Ham, Swiss Cheese and Dijon Mayonnaise

Banana and Hazelnut Crêpe
House-made Crêpe, Bananas, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Spread and Powdered Sugar

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Kman101Jan 11, 2017

I still haven't stumbled across it. But I finally looked at the map and saw that it's on the bridge but never ended up over there. BB Wolf's is much easier to stumble across. Not surprised it's still probably not getting a line.

MarkTwainJan 11, 2017

As an update: we visited Aristocrepes over the holidays, and I was thrilled to try out their pumpkin cheesecake crepe. It was every bit as delicious as it sounds. We walked right up to the counter when we got there (surprising for Christmas/NYE week), but it looked like we started a trend, because there was a good line by time we were walking away! I wonder how much of it is people not noticing the facility. It seemed like the overhead signage wasn't as visible as it could have been. Looking forward to going back.

KCLJan 04, 2017

That's the kind of crepes the people want. :hungry:

MisterPenguinDec 22, 2016

Aristocrepes went back to offering crepes on a regular basis way over a month ago. They were shut down temporarily, and when they came back, they only had the sweet crepes. We got crepes there Dec 1.

Kman101Dec 22, 2016

This thing was easily missed by me yesterday when I was there. I spotted BB Wolf's quite easily ... so I can see why it's easily bypassed.

wdwmagicNov 11, 2016

Crepes back on the new seasonal menu at Aristocrepes in Disney Springs

22YrsDVCNov 07, 2016

Perhaps they should rename it "AutoCr@ps", or "Crepes be Gone".

Tavernacle12Nov 06, 2016

They've decided they can charge more for the Disney Difference and people will still buy it.

Jon81ukNov 05, 2016

Exactly. A gourmet hot dog at BB Wolfs is a similar price to a whole pizza at Blaze. Disney haven't really thought through their quick service pricing.

indigoNov 05, 2016

The prices at the Disney owned food locations in Disney Springs are just too expensive for the quality and quantity of food they offer. The food is right (who doesn't like gourmet hot dogs and crepes, they're fantastic), but with so many other options just steps away, the prices need to be designed to draw people in, because they'll never win against names like Wolfgang Puck, House of Blues, or the Iron Chef. I'm not exactly sure what it is about Disney food that makes it 30% more expensive than nearby food. You'd think they'd have significant savings considering they don't have to pay rent to themselves. And yet Disney somehow manages to price themselves out of the market anyway.

Dizknee_PhreekNov 05, 2016

Aww :-( The husband and I love Blaze Pizza! We didn't go to the one in DS because we can go to others in other cities. But in the topic of pizza at Disney, I REALLY miss the pizza they served at Pasta Piazza...before the Mickey shaped pizza. I hated the Mickey shaped ones. :-(

RteetzNov 05, 2016

If that's not pizza than what is Disney pizza? Because nothing is worse than the stuff they sold at pizza planet...

trampdogNov 05, 2016

If you actually believe what they sell is pizza, then you are delusional.

trampdogNov 05, 2016

But... But... But... WDWMAGIC said in another post for which I was lambasted by said and several others, that DS was doing just fine. Hmmm... Me thinks people just make things up.