Amorette's Patisserie reducing operating hours from today

Oct 24, 2016 in "Amorette's Patisserie"

Posted: Monday October 24, 2016 12:06pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Amorette's Patisserie in the Town Center of Disney Springs will be operating on reduced hours from today.

The new hours are 3pm to 11pm Monday - Thursday, 11am to 11:30pm Friday - Saturday, and 11am to 11pm Sunday.

Amorette's was previously open from 11am to 11pm (11:30pm weekends) daily.

Read our in-depth review of Amorette's.

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Hockey89Oct 27, 2016

Yeah, I guess... I'm was more talking about Hermes, Ermenegildo Zenga, Burberry, Tiffany's, Louis V ect ect... All places you would find at high end places in nyc or vegas...

StageFrenzyOct 27, 2016

Was there on Monday, wife and I were going to go in there to see about a pastry and were surprised to see it closed early. A CM walked by and said it didn't open till 3. There was no signage or notice on the door. In response to the people on the general state of DS, This is just one night but Jocks was slammed on Saturday night. People seem to hit up jocks in search of food after realizing 30-1 hour waits at the rest of the restaurants. The town center area works a lot better now that all the stores are open. The wide pathways feel good after being in some of the older area.

Disneyhead'71Oct 27, 2016

One thing to keep in mind is when a new mall opens, there is a natural thinning of the herd (shops) and tweaking of menus that happens as a natural course of things. When you open so many things at one time some will not make it.

epcotisbestOct 27, 2016

Lily Pulitzer...I almost fainted when my wife showed me a dress she liked in there. I asked, "Are you serious?" She just smiled and said, "Nah, just messing with you."

Pirate MagicOct 27, 2016

You are absolutely right. We live in New York we have a lot of those upscale stores. We also have outlets stores too!! We do not need to go to Disney or Orlando to go to them. But I am sure that there are Disney guest that do not have those businesses where they live. We felt more comfortable ( at home) at the Market Place & West Side. But Disney did do a beautiful job.

Pirate MagicOct 27, 2016

ToInfinityAndBeyondOct 27, 2016

And this, I believe, is the major oversight that some marketing executive made years ago when they decided to build this area. Don't get me wrong, I think its gorgeous and love every bit of it, but I am definitely not everyone. The additional food offerings are great and the idea to bring in more vendors is never a bad idea, but it might just be too much for the average vacationing family. Again, I see the point. Keep your audience captive. Don't give them an excuse to go up I-4 to the Mall of Millenia or over to one of the outlets. Part of me just thinks it might have been too big of an expansion.

beertikiOct 26, 2016

Twice now I have been to DS with my wife and daughter so they could shop at Sephora. I sit on the bench outside with all the other men, who really don't want to be out shopping but we keep our mouths shut and just find a bench. So, I watch people and I watch stores. One pattern I notice is, 50% or more do not have a shopping bag, then the other 50% usually only have one. It looked to me like only about 1% had several bags. Maybe it's just me, or knowing how my family is, but given the choice between spending a few hundred dollars on shopping, we would rather spend that money on a Disney event, party, dinner at Ohana, drinks around the world. Wr come to Disney because it's Disney, not some upscale shopping mall.

Hockey89Oct 26, 2016

Frankly, looking at the list of shops for clothes none are very high end either...

Missymoe4Oct 25, 2016

I thought I was the only person who saw Disney Springs in this way. I live in Chicago and it feels like a suburban mall we have here (funny, most of the restaurants are run by Chicago restaurants/chefs, too!). I can see how visitors may find it a cool spot, and granted, it is. But, it's also a place other cities have been doing for awhile now. IMHO, the best shops are still in the marketplace, offering Disney goods I cannot purchase in Chicago.

nolatronOct 25, 2016

Yup. We're heading to Disney in February and looking forward to checking everything out at Disney Springs. While we won't be dining at any of the new restuarants or shopping for stuff, DW and I are still interested in checking it out to see it all in person.

Sans SouciOct 25, 2016

I wish I'd not opened this thread. The menu looks good and I see a few things on there I would like to try. I am kicking myself for not visiting this place the last time I was there. Is it overpriced? Maybe, but this place seems "artisanal" and Sprinkles is a chain. I'm sure the fancy packaging is built into the cost, too. Maybe there are too many bakeries?; I don't know I am just spitballing here.

MrPromeyOct 25, 2016

The nice thing about higher end sales is the margins tend to be (a lot) bigger so you can have more people looking than buying and still do well. That said, we all think we understand the business model that Disney and their tenants are using but some of us (myself included) may be very wrong. I'd take Amorette's opening later as a sign of TDO being cheap* over them having trouble with the shop. As the landlord and proprietor, it's not like the rent is killing them and at the prices they charge, they don't have to sell all that much flower, sugar and food coloring to cover the power and staffing. The shop offers good placemaking in terms of establishing the relative "class" of the neighborhood it inhabits in this part of Disney Springs. That alone might make it worthwhile. *Seriously, if they're willing to run everything else on property like they're going out of business while making record profits, why would you expect anything different, here? I wouldn't read a whole lot into this change.

trampdogOct 25, 2016

I've got a better idea... Convert it to the Adventurers Club. Wouldn't take much.