Construction permits filed for new Adventureland Veranda Restaurant

Feb 11, 2015 in "Adventureland Verandah"

Posted: Wednesday February 11, 2015 3:13pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

It has been the source of constant speculation for the last several years and it now seems that finally the Adventureland Veranda will once again become a restaurant as construction permits have now been filed.

Located just across from the Tree House, it originally operated as a fast food restaurant with a tropical theme from opening day Oct 1 1971, but ceased operating in 1994. The Veranda has since been home to character meet and greets.

Various restaurant concepts ranging from the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean to an Adventurers Club theme have been mentioned in connection with the location over the years.

Related to this project seems to be the extended 6 month refurbishment of the nearby Liberty Tree Tavern beginning his summer. There has been some suggestion that kitchen space and other facilities may be shared between the two restaurants, which explains the rather unusual extended downtime of the Liberty Tree Tavern.

It is not yet clear what the final plans are, but this construction permit certainly puts the Verandah back in the spotlight and we should expect some official announcement of the plans soon.

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RSoxNo1Jul 26, 2017

They got the bulk of the $22 mil it was the final $700k they were waiting on.

tissandtullyJul 25, 2017

So maybe another Meet and Greet area ?

SpaceMountain77Jul 25, 2017

Club 33?

ABQJul 25, 2017

PCL is killing it lately, provided they get their last 22 billion or whatever it is Planet Hollywood owes them. Though even without that I think they are nearly single handedly rebuilding all of Edmonton, AB plus work around WDW.

danlb_2000Jul 25, 2017

A permit was filed today for General Improvements to the Adventureland Veranda which is not Skipper's Canteen. The permit is from PCL Construction Services, one of Disney's bigger contractors, and doesn't expire until May 31, 2018. Adventureland Veranda - General Improvements

RSoxNo1Aug 22, 2016

Never tried them at Skipper Canteen but the Ohana ones didn't seem like anything special (good, but not great). Are these better?

Next Big ThingAug 21, 2016

The potstickers are so good. I just got two orders of them last time and turned it into a full meal lol

Steel City MagicAug 21, 2016

Please tell me the potstickers and comp bread are still on the menu?

rawiserichoAug 18, 2016

Made reservations for my October trip, am looking forward to the variety in MK.

Rodan75Jun 04, 2016

Oh....and speaking as someone who likes hamburgers and hot dogs, there are a surprisingly few restaurants who serve them compared to the 90's. So I think some of the commentary on food variety in WDW is misplaced.

Rodan75Jun 04, 2016

We ate there as a walk in yesterday. It was crazy slow at 6pm, but by 7 it was packed. Our waiter was just the right amount of cheesy, the food was great and the environment is definitely more 'high end' than most of the pics look. I'm a horribly picky eater who thinks there should be more QS burgers and hotdogs. But I think this place should keep its menu. I think more folks will find it now that it has reservations, but I think it may been cocktails to seal the deal long term.

Cowboy SteveJun 04, 2016

It is live. I made my reservation online last night! Just checked it again and it is accepting online reservations. :)

ynahtebwdwJun 04, 2016

Just booked a reservation for August, anyone who wants an ADR should check now :)

note2001Jun 04, 2016

Last time my kids and I ate at TE we left hungry having been served 2 scallops each with a little rice, or was it noodles, and the bill came to over $100. I can't believe Skippers Canteen could be any worse.