ABC Commissary reopens with a new look

May 29, 2019 in "ABC Commissary"

ABC Commissary 2019 refurbishment
Posted: Wednesday May 29, 2019 12:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The ABC Commissary at Disney's Hollywood has reopened this week with new decor and other enhancements.

A new color palette updates the interior, along with all new carpeting, tables and seating. A few movie related items and posters remain.

New self-serve beverage islands are available on both sides of the dining room.

The old interior, shown below, was largely unchanged since the restaurant opened.

Along with an interior update, the restaurant has also transitioned to a fast-casual dinner service that includes reservations.

Each night starting at 4pm, guests with reservations will be able to place an order, take a pager and find a seat. Then, when the order is ready, the food will be brought to your table as before.

The menu remains largely unchanged, although there is a new Pot Roast served over mashed potatoes and root vegetables with beef gravy and onion straws on the dinner menu.

Walk-ups will still be available, although wait times may be longer. Mobile Order will no longer be available for dinner, for guests with or without reservations. Lunch service is unaffected and remains walk-up only as a counter-service offering.

Reservations are available now for dinner beginning Sunday June 2 2019.

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DisAlJun 02, 2019

I don't know what you mean by "waste" since reservations don't cost you anything. When we were there with our family group of 8 (ages 4 to 89) I would have loved to be able to make a reservation rather than the problem we had trying to get two tables close together.

nicb88Jun 02, 2019

They were there at Christmas when I visited, because I watched them!

mm52200Jun 02, 2019

They’ve been gone for years

rkleinleinMay 31, 2019

I railed against the tacky and dated crayola color scheme of the TTC so am surprised to find that I prefer the original look of this dining room. I think the update, though perfectly adequate, is unremarkable. Bland even. I think the brighter colors were appropriate for the atmosphere of this kind of restaurant and actually worked well, unlike the TTC.

Hockey89May 30, 2019


MisterPenguinMay 30, 2019

Now you've done it!! I want a Cobb salad.

Hockey89May 30, 2019

HS does have terrible options... Brown Debry is ok, but pretty lacking options compared to the other parks...

Fox&HoundMay 29, 2019

So, I have never stepped foot in this restaurant (have not heard good things about the food) but I can say the update looks quite nice. I like the muted colors and the improved seating. Is the food really that bad? I truly hope the new dining locations in Star Wars and Toy Story (sit down) really enhances the dining options....

CJRMay 29, 2019

I like the design, it's really nice and a step up IMO, much more bright inside. I'm glad they kept the trees and plants, that was really nice. I am sad that the TV's are gone, but I suppose in this day you can just pull out your phone and watch TV if you want to. I just liked them because they didn't wear down my battery and I loved the AFV clips, specifically. Minor loss though.

Jewels0621May 29, 2019

I certainly wouldn't waste a reservation on this place either

ThatMouseMay 29, 2019

I'm glad it hasn't really changed and refills are easier. This or backlot is usually where we end up because it's never crowded and quick. Reservations?? lol! The menu is not that great looking though, which is why it's burger/nugget/fries for most people.

tissandtullyMay 29, 2019

I just feel like Backlot Express is always out of ice, haha.

wdwmagicMay 29, 2019

I don't know this for sure, but I believe there is an issue with the volume of ice required. I don't think they can generate enough at the machine location.

tissandtullyMay 29, 2019

Why is it that none of the WDW fountain dispensers have their own dedicated ice makers? Surprised they haven't automated this job instead of having someone manually fill the ice all day long.