Valet parking at Downtown Disney changes to length of stay pricing today

Sep 01, 2014 in "West Side"

Posted: Monday September 1, 2014 8:47am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Valet parking at Downtown Disney will shift to a length of stay pricing structure from today.

Starting September 1 2014, pricing will be:

  • 2 hours and under $10
  • 2 to 3 hours $15
  • Over 3 hours $20

The previous pricing was a flat rate $15. You can find Downtown Disney valet parking on both the West Side, in front of Cirque du Soleil, and at the Marketplace, just outside World of Disney.

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DasnowzJan 13, 2015

the valet is a 3rd party vendor not disney owned.

SnarkyMonkeyJan 12, 2015

I would use valet parking if it was difficult to find a good spot and I don't have deep pockets. I wouldn't watch the clock over a few bucks. I think I would just assume it would cost me $20 and be pleasantly surprised if I happened to stay less and was charged less.

neuend1Jan 12, 2015

Are the handicapped parking spaces you are talking about at the West Side Garage or are there some by the Marketplace?

BoltJan 12, 2015

They do not. However, there is parking closer for handicapped as required.

neuend1Jan 12, 2015

Do people with handicapped placards in their car get a reduced rate?

GrammieBeeSep 02, 2014

Due to mobility issues, if we can't find a handicapped parking slot we would definitely consider valet parking. We do not have deep pockets, but sometimes convenience outweighs cost. Even though we usually stay on property, we prefer to drive to DTD as taking a Disney bus from a resort to DTD is not a fun experience. Besides, sometimes the parking fee to see one show or concert somewhere is that much or slightly less. Like it or not, it costs what it costs. It's your choice to pay it or not.

HRHPrincessArielSep 01, 2014

We typically don't spend a lot of time at DTD. Maybe just to eat and do a little window shopping. The prices would still be the same for us as I can't see spending more than 3 hours.

CDavidSep 01, 2014

If someone has deep pockets, are they really going to be watching the clock over five dollars? I know people with money can be cheapskates, but its just a few bucks for the extra time.

ratherbeinwdwSep 01, 2014

I, and many of my friends, don't use Valet because we don't want anyone else in our car. It has nothing to do with cost. And, many of the people who use it, do so because it saves all that riding around and having to walk a mile on sore feet and aching back. I don't think having deep pockets has anything or much of anything to do with who uses Valet parking. Additionally, I know many people rent cars, and you are not allowed to let anyone else drive them, even to park the car. This is not to say some people use valet because of deep pockets. I just don't think it's the rule.

cw1982Sep 01, 2014

If the valet primarily serves those with deeper pockets, then the primary customer base is one who generally won't care about a few extra dollars for parking. Sure, some of them got to their financial status by being frugal, but if they have already budgeted for this, they're not going to be in any hurry to get back to the parking lot. If they don't want to pay valet prices, they're the ones who are also more likely to take a taxi. In short, I don't know that I see this impacting the shops as much as it may appear that it would.

TheRabbitSep 01, 2014

Also....I think the new time/price structure just gives people more options if they want to stay less time they don't have to pay as much.

TheRabbitSep 01, 2014

I'm not sure I totally agree. I made it out there this Friday night and let me say, the parking and construction in NO WAY seems to be affecting the crowd. It was PACKED as usually. So people are putting up with it and finding any way they can to get in there. And the valet lot was fairly empty (at 8pm). The few deep pocket shoppers are no match for the multitudes of other guests spending much less. Once again...PACKED!

TubaGeekSep 01, 2014

First, sorry for the super negative tone in my first post. It came off as much more "doom-and-gloom"y than it should have. But the give and take of this whole thing is that it will discourage people from spending more time at DTD. Instead of just BEING there and not having a nagging clock in the back of your mind. This will cause people to rush through all the shops and take much less time to just appreciate the atmosphere and experience. Sure, this will only affect the folks who use valet, but those are usually the guests with the deeper pockets that you want to spend as much time as possible in the shopping district.

TheRabbitSep 01, 2014

Just wondering...what 3rd party vendors get screwed over by this change?