Walt Disney World Railroad closing for refurbishment later this year

Jul 06, 2015 in "Walt Disney World Railroad"

Posted: Monday July 6, 2015 11:33am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney World Railroad at the Magic Kingdom will be closing for a refurbishment later this year.

The closure is scheduled to begin on October 12 through to November 20 2015, reopening to guests on November 21 2015.

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DisneyFans4LifeNov 21, 2015

Confirmed! Train was even part of the welcome show this morning!!

wogwogNov 21, 2015

Two trains running Saturday morning 11/21.

DisneyFans4LifeNov 20, 2015

We're headed to MK tomorrow morning and plan on getting there for the welcome show, I really hope the train is back up and running for it! Plus my daughter loves train and looks forward to riding it. It'll definitely be nice to hear that train whistle in the MK again.

DisoneNov 20, 2015

I am going to second this. It was suppose to be back today, the 20th, but today, I noticed the only fired up one steam engine. There is no way they are going to run the line with only one train, as they would mean 20 minute intervals between train departures at each station. Can you imagine waiting 20 minutes for the next train??? no thank you:) So I assume the one train on the line is testing everything. I suppose it possible they could fire up another one later in the afternoon, but more likely to me, is they fired up one for testing today and tomorrow they will return to normal operations.

Monorail_Red_77Nov 20, 2015

They do the same welcome show with some differences. I have seen both version with and without train. Personally, I love the train one the best. If the train is not operational: The Mayor or Fire Chief comes out and starts the show. The Trolly singers then come out and sign "Good Morning To You". Then if no train, Mickey and the gang with the Family of the day come out and walk across the tracks to the railing and open the park. A CM sets up a walkway that spans the exposed tracks like a gangway prior to show start. If the train is operational: The Mayor or Fire Chief comes out and starts the show. The Trolly singers then come out and sign "Good Morning To You". Then "Casey Jr." song starts and steam train pulls into the station with Mickey and the gang along with the Family of the day. The exit the train towards the railing and open the park with small fireworks. Either way it an awesome way to start your day. In my opinion it is the best welcome show Disney does that I know of. Each of the other parks do a rope drop ceremony as well but not as grand in my view. In some of the parks, DL included they let you walk down to the hub even before the park opens to where their rope drop ceremony starts. MK is unique in that you cannot even enter the tunnels until the show is over. They keep everyone corralled in the entrance plaza between the turnstiles and the tunnels. Unless of course you have an early morning breakfast reservation in the park. They will let those guests in for that. I think I am going to try a breakfast reservation in the park in January just so I can experience all the guests rushing into the park. Plus cool pics of the park mostly empty. I have also been there on at least one occasion where they did not do any welcome show at park open. That was a bummer.

wogwogNov 20, 2015

No. From a MK Manager neighbor an internal announcement is saying a return to service for guests on Saturday Nov. 21 but a delay is possible due to delayed testing by train crews. A safety requirement.

DaBears81Nov 20, 2015

Forgive me if its been posted and I just missed the post but is the railroad back up and running??

DisoneNov 18, 2015

I can say with 100% certainty that Roger is still present and in use. Typically they only run two of the three they have, but on busy days they will run all three. The Fourth Engine, which was #2 Lilly, is still officially part of the fleet, but clearly she has not been present on property for years. IMO, with each passing day, it is exponentially less likely of her return to service. Sadly, I have given up on ever seeing her again. Currently MK has: #1 Walter E. Disney, #3 Roger E. Broggie #4 Roy O. Disney

Andrew MNov 17, 2015

Yes, saw that Wednesday night but couldn't grab a photo of them. Looks nice. Also saw some track equipment adjacent to Big Thunder during the day. So weird to see rust on the rails at Disney!!

WDWtravelerNov 17, 2015

Photo update as of Tuesday, Nov. 17. The construction scrims around the two small track-side buildings across from the Fantasyland train station have been removed, revealing the refurbished buildings. The rails that were along the tracks between here and Space Mountain are gone now.

DisneyGentlemanNov 01, 2015

It's hard to argue that the theming is bad here... I mean, we have sections of corrugated sewer pipe theming. At least this area looks nice.

Texas84Oct 30, 2015

According to this site, 11/20.

danlb_2000Oct 29, 2015

The permit that was filed for this showed the track work being done between Main Street and Frontierland.

Andrew MOct 29, 2015

Does anyone know how the work is progressing? Any chance it would be open by the 13th? It's my son's first trip and he's obsessed with trains..