Walt Disney World Railroad scheduled for 5 week refurbishment in early 2017

Oct 04, 2016 in "Walt Disney World Railroad"

Posted: Tuesday October 4, 2016 8:13am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Walt Disney World Railroad will be closed for refurbishment in early 2017.

The closure begins on January 9 through to February 16, reopening to guests on February 17 2017.

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MonorailManMar 16, 2017

PREACH! Apparently Lilly is no longer wired to work with her coaches, but she is wired to work with Roy's coaches. It's got something to do with the electrical connection from the engine to the coach set. Or at least that's what a very reliable source told me.

DisoneMar 16, 2017

Great to hear the whistle blasts of the Walt Disney World Railroad again. Today's engines are Roy pulling Lilly's set and Lilly pulling Roy's cars. Can't they just pull their own sets????

peter11435Mar 11, 2017

Imagine how much it cost to rip out, relay, and replace substantial portions of track and refurbish parts of the Main Street station.

ford91exploderMar 11, 2017

April gets closer every day imagine the amount of Cash Disney saved by not running the Railroad for nearly three months....

MonorailManMar 10, 2017

Drove past the roundhouse today and saw Lilly Belle (STILL with Roy's coaches :mad:) outside. Not sure if she was leaving the park or heading into the park and she was just stationary there. Heard reports from a friend that she was out running the loop today, but couldn't confirm whether or not they were taking passengers.

ford91exploderMar 03, 2017

Still betting on April... Now the WDW Railroad is a 'seasonal' attraction, Gotta make the numbers, Gotta make the numbers...

MonorailManMar 03, 2017

^ Yep. March 11th. The track work is all done, it is Main Street Station that is causing the hold up.

RSoxNo1Mar 03, 2017

Re-opening March 11th

spectromagic04Mar 02, 2017

It's scheduled to reopen mid March now

deeevoMar 02, 2017

Anyone heard if the WDW Railroad will be operating tomorrow as scheduled?

TuvaluFeb 24, 2017

They were still up on Sunday.

FigmentFan3Feb 24, 2017

Does anyone know if the scrims are still up on Main Street Station? I have family visiting for the first time in a long time soon and I'm hoping for a good "first impression" of MK for them.

wogwogJan 14, 2017

All of the track and ties from the doors of the roundhouse to the road south of the roundhouse (end of World Drive) are ripped out. New replacement supplies are staged nearby.

biggy HJan 14, 2017

And that's probably the reason the opening show was moved when it was, as you cannot do the non-train opening with that scrim in place.