VIDEO - Disney shares update on TRON Lightcycle Run coaster at the Magic Kingdom

Nov 25, 2019 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

Posted: Monday November 25, 2019 11:12am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has shared a new video with a behind-the-scenes look at construction on the new TRON Lightcycle Coaster at the Magic Kingdom.

The video shows a close-up look at the track install, and hear from some of the key figures in the attraction's construction.

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J454613 minutes ago

tron is gonna be awesome, im loving the pathway work im seeing so far with the curved concrete, I think that area will be pretty spectacular when its done. Also I get having tron so close to SM is weird but where else would it go? Not AK, Possibly Epcot cause I could see them doing some "digital pavilion" thing kinda like how they made GotG "fit" but they got GotG, so that leave MK and DHS. DHS seems like the obvious first choice but if you think about how huge tron is with not just the building and canopy but with pathway work that needs to flow up to the entrance 20ft off the ground because the coaster launches from under it, it just takes so much space and they would have to either dedicate most of the NW expansion to it or maybe get rid of the INDY show and put the area there. So MK is the logical choice because it adds to an area where there was nothing before and fits the aesthetic.... andwill hopefully kickstart a renovation of TL

UpAllNight22 minutes ago

Disney have a decent lineup of coasters for their demographic, but in the way Velocicoaster was a smash for Universal & their demographic, the long discussed coaster for Dinoland would have been for AK too. Some things aren't rocket science. Dinosaurs = cool. Coasters = fun. Add the 2, and bam. One of the best theme park combos possible. Disney have missed a trick, but I suspect it's not too late. An airtime filled woody with twists and banks - sure hit. Tron will go down a treat, but I feel the placement next to Space Mountain is just a bit strange. Compared to Disneyland, which has a lot more dark rides (incl Rise, soon Mickey, Indiana Jones). It was possibly just the easy route when the park needed a bit of something else. But it will still be a hit. If Disney added at pace it's maybe not an issue, but the last big ride at MK was like 30 years ago, so that adds to the miss factor.

Rteetz28 minutes ago

That’s their opinion, people are entitled to such. We know you’re anti-themed and anti-disney coaster. That’s fine. I wouldn’t declare it the best coaster on earth but who cares if someone else does? You also shouldn’t necessarily jump to conclusions if you have not been on said coaster.

Jrb197934 minutes ago

My point wasn't to say it's not thrilling of that it has to be. My point was in regards to the PP saying it's the best coaster out there. It looks like a fun coaster and great fit for Disney.

Rteetz43 minutes ago

It’s not the most thrilling coaster but not every coaster has to be. My question tho was to prove that @Jrb1979 is jumping to conclusions without having actually being on it.

bhg46945 minutes ago

I've been in it twice and you know how I know it's not a good coaster? Because I like it. No drops and no airtime is what coaster fans dislike. As someone who hates those things it's my kind of ride.

Rteetz1 hour ago

Have you actually been on it?

Touchdown3 hours ago

Guardians is a refined Space Mountain, it is a lot of fun, but the Mummy starts off as a pretty fun dark ride complete with 🔥 then during the coaster portion it actually has airtime (my favorite) and then the ride pauses for even more (and better) 🔥 before a quick little victory lap.

bhg4693 hours ago

I can't think of a way guardians could have an opportunity for more physical sets. The physical elements that you do see go by in a flash though. I really enjoyed it and having only ridden it twice it's still shiny and new. Truthfully I've only ridden Hagrids once, and maybe I would enjoy that less if I rode it more, I don't think so though. In the queue today my wife brought up hyperspace mountain.. and I thought this is hyperspace mountain with a super fancy ride vehicle.. while that oversimplifies it, it's not far from the truth... I LOVE hyperspace mountain though...

TrainsOfDisney4 hours ago

I always enjoy physical effects vs. digital. The fire effects alone make Mummy the best vs. all projections - plus the coaster portions are quite fun and exciting without being crazy intense. *fairness - I haven’t ridden guardians yet*

bhg4694 hours ago

You know what? You make a very good point. I rode it again today and if we are comparing indoor coasters... Especially one with a "theme" mummy may be just as good.. it's a little more intense, scenes are just as good if not better and the surprise ending is still one of the coolest surprises in any attraction.

Touchdown5 hours ago

Let me know when Guardians gets on a best coasters in the world list or even one in America. It’s not even in the top 5 in Orlando. Heck personally it’s not even the best indoor roller coaster in Orlando (The Mummy.). It is however the best roller coaster to ever been built in Epcot. It’s also not going to win the Golden Ticket for best new coaster this year either. Your statements go against the general concencus of the enthusiast community. That’s fine for you to have that opinion but it’s not right to extrapolate it out that it’s a majority consensus.

Jrb19795 hours ago

You're welcome

MisterPenguin5 hours ago

Thank-you for correcting what people like!!